Dangerous Woman & Mafia Boss
Dangerous Woman & Mafia Boss
Author: Marrygoldie


Greed is a manifestation of dissatisfaction that leads to the desire to have someone else.  With this greed, they will go intohole after hole to dig into the property of others without giving satisfaction.


A twelve-year-old girl is sitting in the playroom with her two younger sisters. The girl with long brown hair is named Kaylee Stroud. Kaylee, or Kay as she is called, is taking care of her two younger sisters, Kim and Kyra, while her parents are cooking dinner.

Kay has a unique eyeball. Heterochromia. She has a different color from one another. Kay's left eye inherited her father's blue eye, while her right eye is the same brown as her mother's.

Currently Kay is looking at her younger sister named Kim or Kimberly. The second daughter of the Stroud family loves cars and motorbikes. Because of that their father always gave gifts of toys for cars and motorbikes for her.

Kim looked engrossed in a red Ferrari mini and an orange Mini Lamborghini. The ten-year-old girl made a sound similar to the car while moving her car through a circuit made from a pile of their parents' books taken in a small library in the house. 

Then Kay turned her gaze to her youngest sister, Kyra Stroud. Currently, the eight-year-old girl is playing a large puzzle with a picture of Toy Story, her favorite cartoon. Kyra always plays alone. She didn't want anyone to help her including their father and mother.  If anyone tried to help her, Kyra would get angry and lock herself in the room.

Kay chose to take her cellphone and work on an essay that she had not finished. But after just typing for a while, suddenly there was a loud crash outside the playroom. The three sisters looked at each other.

"What's that sound, Kay?" asked Kyra.

"I don't know. I'll check it out. Maybe Mom bumped into something by mistake. Kim, can you take care of Kyra."

"Why should I?"  grumbled the blonde haired girl.

"You chose to go downstairs to check what happened, or did you choose to take care of Kyra?"

Kim thought for a moment. She was lazy to leave the room and went downstairs. That little girl didn't want to leave her beloved cars. Finally she looked annoyed.

"All right. I'm taking care of Kyra."

Kay smiled because she thought Kim would choose to be in this room instead of going out. Finally Kay left her siblings and went downstairs.

"Where did you hide the technology?"

Kay heard the faint voice of a strange man. That girl decided to take a slow step toward the kitchen.  From behind the wall Kay peeked at what was going on in the kitchen. Her breath caught when she saw her parents being cornered against the wall by two men in dark clothes. The two men held knives that almost hit the necks of their parents.

"I ... I don't understand what you're talking about."  Morgan Stroud replied.

Kay saw a man with a neck covered in tattoos. Then her gaze was on the back of the man's hand. There is a tattoo of a blue whirlpool which is very unique.

"Cogent. Technology that is able to cure all diseases. You did it, didn't you?"

Morgan and Emma's faces looked shocked because the man knew the technology they were working on. Then Emma shook her head. She knew that group of men were bad people. If Cogent's technology falls into the wrong hands, it will be misused.

The man with the whirlpool tattoo smiled sarcastically. "Liars. I can kill you and your family right now, so quickly tell me where the technology is?" The man's voice was raised because he was impatient.

Morgan and Emma are in a difficult situation. They couldn't give up the technology, but they couldn't lose their three daughters either. Then Emma saw Kay hiding behind a all. Emma smiled at Kay and then say one word silently.

Kay often plays voiceless word guesswork with her mother. That's why she knows what the mother sad. Hiding. That one word let Kay know if this was the last time she would see her mother and father.

"We will not give it to bad people like you."  Said Morgan boldly.

"All right. You asked for it yourself."

The whirlpool-tattooed man codes the two men who held Morgan and Emma to kill them.  For the last time Emma looked at Kay and said something silently again.

We love you.

Kay's body vibrates greatly. She watched her parents be brutally murdered. She saw that the bodies of her parents were no longer alive with blood flowing through their clothes. Kay's tears dripped. She tried not to make a sound.

"Find his three daughters."  The man's orders.

Knowing that her life and her siblings were in danger, Kay ran away from the kitchen to the playroom upstairs. Hearing Kay's footsteps, the criminals immediately pursued her.

Kay ran really fast. When she reached the playroom, she locked the door and approached Kim and Kyra. Seeing Kay's frightened face and tears that had rolled down her cheeks made her siblings confused.

"What happened, Kay?"  Kyra asked, confused.

There were voices of people outside the door. Kay pulls Kyra and Kim's hands into the wardrobe. After opening the wardrobe, she opened a small box hidden on the wall in the wardrobe. Inside the box is a screen displaying several buttons. Kay immediately pressed 'KaKiKy3' which is the password to a secret room.

Suddenly the walls inside the wardrobe began to open and reveal a room the same size as the playroom.  The secret room looked like a bedroom.  Their father made up the room in case of bad things like this.

Kay immediately pushed Kim and Kyra to come inside. She came in and pressed the button to close the door back. Just as the door closed, the playroom door was smashed. Kay is still standing in front of the door that connects the secret room with the playroom. She hears someone approaching the wardrobe. The man banged on the wall which was the door to the secret room so that it made Kay step back.

"Kay." Call Kim scared.

Kay turned and put her index finger on her lips.  Asked her younger sister not to make a sound.

"These walls are weird. We have to break it down."

Kay approaches Kim and Kyra. That girl hugged her two younger sisters. She heard someone trying to break down the door. Kay closed her eyes and hoped that she and her siblings would survive.


Hallo! My name is Marrygoldie. This is my first story in GoodNovel. I'm so nervous. I hope you can enjoy this story. Wait for next chapter tommorow and thank you. Bye bye...

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