2.Bad Dream

Families will become very strong when they come together to bear everything together.


Hearing the bedroom door open, Kay opened her eyes. Her hand grabbed a gun placed next to her pillow. Kay's thirty-year-old body immediately sat upright on the bed. Her hand pointed a gun at the door.

"Wow ... Relax, Sis. It's me, Kim." Looks like a blonde haired woman standing up with her hands raised.

Kay sighed and dropped her hands on her lap. With her other hand, the woman wiped away the sweat that had wet her tanned skin. She closed her eyes recalling her nightmare. Not just a dream, but it is Kay's darkest memory.

"Are you all right, Kay?" Kim asked, looking worried.

Kay opened her eyes and looked at her sister. Now Kim looks so sexy wearing a pink tank top and shorts. She smiled a little trying to reassure her sister.

"I'm fine. Sorry I almost shot you, Kim."

"It's okay, Sister."  Kim shrugged her shoulders, it didn't matter.

"What is wrong?"  Kay put the gun on the bed. Then she removed the blanket that covered her beautiful body. Showing her body wearing dark underwear.

"I thought you wanted to join me and Kyra in discuss the mission tonight."

Kay tied her hair behind her head and rolled it up. Then she raised both her hands to stretch her stiff body after sleeping for two hours.

"Give me time to take a shower. After that I will join you."  Kay stood up and grabbed the towel that was lying on the chair.

"Enjoy your time, Kay. We'll leave you a burrito."

Kay walked to the bathroom. Arriving at the bathroom door, she looked at her younger sister. Her gaze was so sharp. "Don't touch mine, Kim."

"Oh, come on, Kay. Just a little bit." Kim begged.

"Fine. But after that I will dissect your stomach, Kim. You still want it?"  Kay smiled broadly as if what she said was a joke.

Kim looks upset. "Kay and her beloved burrito. I wonder. Do you love burritos more than me and Kyra?"

Kay chuckled. "Someone's sulking. Remember the lesson to enjoy your own, Kim."

Kim twisted her eyeballs annoyed. She's most bored when she hears lessons about attitude. As if that was the most annoying lesson she had ever learned. Kay is very disciplined with all the rules. Meanwhile, Kim is inversely opposed to Kay.

"Yeah. Yeah. Whatever. I choose to eat my burito without lecturing on those stupid rules." Kim hurried outside before Kay returned with her long speech.

Kay shook her head at Kim's behavior. Then she walked into the bathroom. That woman was standing in front of the wastafel with an oval glass showing her slightly pale face. She remember her nightmare. The moment where she had to lose her parents and her life changed.

Her hands gripped the edge of the sink, making her fingers turn white. The dream reminded Kay of a quest that had yielded nothing. It was as if the imprint of the whirlpool logo that Kay saw on the back of the hand of the man who killed her parents had disappeared into the earth. even after eighteen years, her search had not yet improved.

Her hands gripped the edge of the wastafel, making her fingers turn white. The dream reminded Kay of a quest that had yielded anything yet. It was as if the imprint of the whirlpool logo that Kay saw on the back of the hand of the man who killed her parents had disappeared into the earth. even after eighteen years, the search had not yet improved.

Kay remembered how her mother used mouth games to say that they really loved Kay and her siblings. It was as if the woman could see the reflection of her father and mother in the mirror. Her hand reached out to touch the mirror.

"I love you too, Mom and Dad."

Kay chose to save the memory back into her mind box. Then she took a shower. Makes her mind much better than ever. That woman will not let her feelings of weakness become an obstacle to carrying out her mission.


The three Stroud sisters sat on the floor on a fur rug that Kim had bought a year ago. They are in a meeting together. Kay was enjoying her beloved burito which made Kim drool. Because even though she had already eaten two pieces of burito, Kim was still not full. She sees Kay looking like a burito ad model featuring the delicacy of Mexican food.

A punch landed on Kim's head, so she turned her head. The culprit was their youngest sister, Kyra Stroud. The woman with straight dark brown hair was staring irritably at Kim.

"Can you listen to my explanation and wash your saliva, Kim." Upset Kyra. The explanation was futile because Kim didn't hear it at all.

Kim sneered and grabbed tissue in their midst. She followed her younger sister's words to wipe her drooling because she saw the burito that Kay had eaten.

"Because of this stupid woman, I have to explain again. Our target Sean Johnson is to attend the charity party tonight which is being held at Alexandra Christopher's mansion. And Kim's job is to get his fingerprints. Because without those fingerprints, we wouldn't be able to enter Sean's bedroom."

Is Sean always wasting his money on useless things like that? How can someone sleeping need fingerprint access." Kim's comments.

Kay, who had already swallowed her burrito, responded to Kim's comment. "Sean was always doing dirty business. That's why people wanted to kill him. That's the reason the security over Sean was so tight. And his bedroom was the only location where Sean wasn't surrounded by security."

Kim sees Kay trying to bite into her burrito. But the moment was stopped when Kyra hit her head with a pencil.

"So you can do your job or not?" asked Kyra.

"It's an easy job. Where do you want the fingerprints? Breasts or butt?" Kim pointed at her breasts behind her black shirt. Then she also patted her butt.

Kyra rolled her eyes lazily. "Whatever. As long as the fingerprints are clear. And Kay will come to the party to protect you."

Hearing that, Kay who wants to taste the last bite of her burrito should stop it. "Why did I come too? Usually I just watched this kid from afar."

"Sean's security is tight, Kay. Kim could be in danger at any time. That's why she also needs guards. I've prepared dresses for you."

Kay nodded her head in understanding Kyra's explanation. Then when Kay was about to eat the last piece, Kim suddenly grabbed the last piece and immediately ate it.

"KIM !!!" Kay screamed loudly makes Kyra have to close her ears.

Kim laughed because she succeeded in getting Kay's last piece. Annoyed, Kay jumped up and gave her sister a tickling attack. Kim's laughter filled their little apartment. Kyra, who was used to seeing the fight scenes of her two sisters, chose to go to her bedroom. And this has always been the case with three women from the Stroud family.


Kay was wearing a very pretty long blue dress. The blue color of the dress seemed to accentuate one of her eye colors. Kay pulled under her dress to reveal her long legs leaning back on the chair. She put the knife in the scabbard that was coiled around Kay's thigh. while in one leg was hidden a gun ready for use.

Heard footsteps approaching Kay's room. She turned her head and saw Kim in a black short dress that looked so sexy. Any man who saw it would want to touch her. Plus Kim has a beautiful face with wavy blonde hair.

That's why Kyra chose Kim to take on this job. Sean will definitely be captivated and want to touch Kim's body. Meanwhile, Kay's job is to protect her sister from harm and also Sean's actions that exceed the limit.

"You are okay?" Kim asked, approaching her sister and sitting on a chair beside Kay's feet.

"You see I'm fine, don't you? Unless you've eaten the last slice of my burrito."

Kim laughed remember it. "That's not what I mean. I saw you pale when you wake up. Are you having a nightmare again?"

Kay was silent to hear her sister's words. So far, Kay doesn't want to tell what happened to their parents. She didn't want Kim and Kyra to get hurt. Kay only said that their father and mother were killed by bad people.

"Kay." The call from Kim made her sister aware.

The woman looked at her sister and she had to admit that Kim was right. Kim and Kyra must have been ready to hear the story she called the nightmare.

"Very well. After this mission is complete, I will tell you."

Kim smiled and held her sister's hand. "We're sisters, Kay. Bear everything together is the right decision."

Kay smiled. She sat beside Kim and hugged her.

"Is this a free hug?"

Hearing that voice, Kay and Kim let go of her arms. They saw Kyra standing in the doorway looking at her two sisters.

"Come here, Kyra. It's a free hug you'll love." Kay waved her hand asking Kyra to join.

Kyra smiled and immediately ran to hug her two sisters. Families will become very strong when they come together to bear everything together. That's a family for three Stroud women.


What do you think about the three Stroud brothers? It's funny. Especially Kim's attitude that made my head shake. 🤭🤭🤭🤭

Do you know Burito? You can search on google. Burito is a delicious food from Mexico. Do not forget to buy it for Marry.🤭🤭🤭🤭

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