4.Get it

Not only a woman's beautiful body, but sensual words can awaken libido. Because choosing the right words can make a man attracted like a magnet.


"Let's do this, Kim." Said Kim encouraged herself.

Kim walks like a model who is walking on the catwalk. Her beautiful butt rocked to and fro. Calling any man to touch it. With the mini dress she wore clearly printed Kim's curves. Awakens the libido of the man who sees it. Then she stopped at a table not far from Sean. Deliberately bent over to take out a small plate of fruit. So that the dress prints clearly the shape of her buttocks.

"A shrewd little flirt. You got his attention, Kim." Said Kyra who looked through the small camera in Kim's bag, Sean stopped the kiss of the two girls who were in his arms. Sean's eyes fell on Kim.

"Go on, Kim. You will be able to get the man to touch you in a little more time." Kyra's orders.

"Trust me, Kyra. If you act like a boss again, I will attack you. "

Kyra chuckled. She knew Kim had never liked being ordered around this and that. That woman reflects freedom. But sometimes it makes Kyra and Kay worried. Although they believed Kim could take care of herself, they were worried that sometimes the twenty-eight year old woman acted more than they thought.

In Kim's hand was a plate of fruit pieces. She used the piece of fruit to make seductive moves. She jabbed the watermelon chunks. On purpose she sucked the watermelon. Her seductive gaze was aimed at Sean.

Seeing how Kim sucked up the watermelon chunks as if she was sucking his stuff. By this time his stuff was tensing up at the bottom of his body. Kim clearly to get Sean's attention. Until that man pushed two women who had previously been a pleasure to her. Sean walked over to Kim without turning his gaze to her.

Actually Sean is not bad. He has a handsome face. However, due to the ugliness he always did, his good looks receded. His skin was tanned with tattoos. Even wearing a messy tuxedo, Kim could still see a tattoo of a wing peeking out from under his shirt. Not angel wings, but black wings with sharp lines.

"Do you know, Lady? You can flirt with all the men here." Sean arrived in front of Kim and put one hand on the chunk of the butt that had been teasing him all along.

"I didn't know that, Mr. Johnson." Kim smiled and acted as if she didn't know her movements were very seductive to men including Sean.

Sean saw the woman in his arms. "Do you know me?"

Kim put the plate back on the table. Her hands touched Sean's broad chest and moved up slowly. Enjoying every movement of a woman's hand on his body, Sean smiled. Until one hand of Kim reached Sean's lips and walked through every inch of his lips.

"Who doesn't know a charming man like you, Mr. Johnson? Especially when I heard you have sweet lips that are so adept at making any woman like it."

"Why don't you try it, Sweetheart?"

Kim drew closer to Sean's ear, then whispered, "What a wonderful offer, Mr. Johnson. Can you believe me if I wanted it right now? But I can't taste these lips."

Sean pushed Kim's body and cupped Kim's cheeks. "Why? Isn't it easy to kiss you now?"

With her index finger, Kim traced her own lips. Seeing this made Sean curse because he wanted Kim so much right now.

"What if I told you that when I tasted your sweet lips, Mr. Johnson, Andreas Christopher would go on a rampage?"

It was clear Sean knew who Andreas Christopher was. He was Alexandra's father who organized this event. A big businessman who makes others want nothing to do with him.

Sean took his hand off Kim's butt. "I should have known that the best women belong to the best men. But I still want you, Sweetheart. If Mr. Christopher doesn't want you anymore, you can call me."

Kim saw Sean hand his a business card. The woman grabbed it with a smile. "I'll take notes, Mr. Johnson. See you."

Even after Kim turned away, Sean still couldn't take his attention away from Kim. His gaze was still fixed on the two curves of the butt that he had touched. Sean raised his hand that used to squeeze Kim's butt. Sipping Kim's scent that still lingered on his hand. Too bad Sean couldn't get that woman.

"I get it." Kim said to her two sisters.

"Good job, Kimisima." Praise Kyra.

"Stop call me like that, Kyra. Or I'll gag you." Threaten Kim.

"Just do it if you can."

"Oh, I certainly will, My little sister." Kim stopped at the edge of the room looking for Kay. "Why don't we just kill Sean right now? I'm close to him. I can stab him with a knife."

Suddenly someone hugged that woman's shoulder. "And let the guards shoot you on the spot?" Kay is already beside her younger sister.

"Please control your stupid brain, Kim. Acting without strategy will only kill yourself." Kyra who answered with a choice of words that always annoyed Kim.

Kim snorted at her sister's words. "I'm just asking. Not that I do. And I just realized, why are you here Kay? Where's the hot guy? "

"We finished dancing and he left." Kay shrugged her shoulders. It was as if she didn't care about the man who had just taken his hand off her body.

Unfortunately, even though she tried not to think about the man, Logan still couldn't disappear in her mind. That man knows how to make women so curious about him.

"Too bad. I thought Kay would lose her virginity tonight." Kay shook her head in disappointment.

"Do you think I would be that easy to give my virginity to a foreign man? Unfortunately I'm not like you, Sister."

"What's wrong with playing with a foreign man. Isn't that challenge always tempting? What's more, the challenge is a handsome and sexy guy like your lover tonight, Kay." Tease Kim.

"Can you guys get off work and stop talking about virginity?" Kyra interrupted her two sisters.

"It looks like a little virgin is offended." Kim chuckled in reply to her younger sister's attitude.

"Kim, Kyra's right. We have to finish our work before Sean knows it." Kay glared at her sister.

"Very well. I need to take this dress off. Five minutes." Kim raised her hand and straightened her five fingers. Then the woman walked away and disappeared behind a toilet door.

Kay was still silent thinking about her moment with the strange man earlier. Actually if Logan didn't hurry away after getting the call, Kay was sure she would end up in the man's bed. Give her virginity to the man. Because so far there has not been a man who can make her react like Logan did. Even with just his gaze, Logan was able to make Kay jump in the man's arms easily.

For a woman who is always struggling and relying on herself, this feeling is clearly very dangerous. Kay has never allowed any man to control her body and feelings. But Logan had controled both of them very quickly. Kay shook her head and tried to get rid of Logan in her mind. Right now there were more important things to think about than that man. Being in a relationship is not on Kay's wish list at the moment. For him the main thing is Noxious and looking for the perpetrators of the murder of their parents.


Kim is really good when it comes to flirting. even Sean really wanted to pull Kim to his bed

Sometimes men can be as greedy as Sean. It's not enough just one woman and want another woman. Even the neighboring woman was carried out too. Huh.... Sometimes it feels like I want to control a man's libido so as not to look at other women. But not all men are like that.

Okay see you in the next chapter. Bye bye… 

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