5.Logan Moretti

The eye can speak more than the lips. Shows more emotions that a person feels. Because of that the eyes can ensnare a person with charm or can hug with affection.


A black sedan stopped in front of a club called The Pyramid located in the East Village of Manhattan. The dull red-painted building consists of four levels. At the bottom there are four doors. However, the other three doors were blocked by iron trellis. So there only one door was used and guarded by the big guy.

The car door opened and Logan, still wearing his tuxedo, began to step down. Logan came to that door. But the big guy held Logan's shoulder.

"You can't come in, Sir. There's a problem inside, so that's why this club is closed tonight."

One corner of Logan's lips lifted into a sinister smile. With Logan's blue bead that was able to make anyone feel the frightening cold air.

"Because of that problem that I came.

"Are you Logan Moretti?" the man withdrew his hand when he saw the man in front of him.

"Exactly. So you still forbid me to come in?" Logan's voice sounded like a threat to the big guy's ears.

"No, Sir. I'm sorry."

Without saying anything, Logan stepped inside the club. The room with dim light was much quieter than usual. No music could shake the entire room. Logan's feet continued to carry the man deeper and deeper. Until finally his footsteps stopped when he saw what was going on inside the club.

Some people are laying on the floor. Whether they are still alive or not. And some tables and chairs were laying on the floor in a chaotic position. There where some broken glass scattered on the floor. Then a man wearing a black shirt walked over to Logan. The sleeves of his shirt were rolled up to his elbows. So that shows the tattoo that fills his arm. On the left hand the man shows a tattoo of the ocean with a red fish as if jumping from the sea. while on his left hand the devil's face tattoo.

"Did he admitted it, Giulio?" Logan asked the man.

"Yes, Boss. Swarthy took it." Giulio nodded his head.

Logan's gaze fell on the man kneeling on the floor with his head bowed. The man was wearing a black suit that looked ruffled and dirty asa a result of getting kicked repeatedly. He is the leader of the Swarthy mafia named Enrico.

Logan walked over to the man. He took off his tuxedo and handed it over to Giulio. Then unbuttoned his shirt and rolled it up. Showing a tattoo that is much more complicated than Giulio. There are ancient symbols made on the brown skin. The man crouched down and tugged at Enrico's hair until it revealed the face of a man battered by the many beatings.

"You've been in big trouble to bother Zephyr." Logan raises his fist in a swift motion until it hit Enrico's cheek. That heavy blow knocked Enrico down and fell to the floor.

Having the nickname the iron fist, is not without reason. Because Logan's fist is as strong as iron. Even now, Enrico was moaning in pain, feeling that his teeth would fall out from the beating.

Logan stood up and grabbed Enrico by the collar so that his feet were no longer touching the floor. Logan's cynical smile appeared on his handsome face.

"You're lucky I can't kill you here. But I can make you feel like hell if you don't tell me where the truck is?"

Obviously Enrico hated the defeat he experienced. But he also could not make himself and his men in the hell made by Logan. Enrico said something in an indistinct voice.

"Say the clear, Cretino." Logan pushed Enrico's body until it hit the wall.

"Three Hyatt St, Staten Island." Finally Enrico could say it clearly.

Finally Logan dropped Enrico's body to the floor. He waved his hand as if a disgusting insect had touched his hand. Logan adjusted his shirt sleeve and buttoned it back around his wrist.

Giulio walked over to his boss and followed the man out. Logan's footsteps stopped right in front of the door that would take him out of the nightclub. She took the tuxedo given by Giulio and put it back on.

"Get some people to get our truck loaded with guns." Logan command.

"Yes, boss." Giulio has always been obedient to Logan. So that he became the person that Logan trusted the most.

"One more Giulio. Find information about Katy Jackson. She was aware of a charity party hosted by Alexandra Christopher. I want you to have that information before we return home the day after tomorrow. "

"I'll do it right away."

Logan nodded his head. Entrusting the job to Giulio. Then the man walked towards his car. When the driver opened the door, Logan stopped and did not go inside. His gaze is fixed on the LED display billboard on the top of the building right in front of The Pyramid club. The billboard displays a refreshing view of the ocean. The navy color reminded Logan of one of Katy's eyes. The combination of brightness and softness that the man really liked.

If not because Swarthy's troubles, Logan would still be spending the night with Katy. Or even he would seduce her back to the Baccarat hotel. took off a blue dress that managed to accentuate one of her eye colors. Enjoying every inch of the brown skin. And make love.

Logan closed his eyes and cursed in his heart. Never did he want a woman like this. Logan is not the type of guy who fantasizes wildly. He chose to do the scene in that wild fantasy. But Katy managed to steal every attention. And Logan wanted her so badly. The man opened his eyes and chose to get into the car. Trying to dampen the desire in him due to that tough fantasy.

Inside the bar after the Zephyr men left, Enrico hit the floor hard to channel the bursting emotions inside him.

"I will definitely repay you, Logan Moretti. I will make sure you die by my hands." Enrico's eyes burned with the resentment that was growing within him.

finding her defeat was an insult to that man. He won't let that happen again. In any case, he was going to kill Logan Moretti.


Kyra opened a large paper on the table. In front of her, Kim was eating potato chips one by one without intending to share them with anyone. Meanwhile, Kay, who sat on the side, looked not excited and was still sleepy. The reason is that all night the woman could not sleep because she thought too much about her foreign Italian man.

"This is a map of Sean Johnson's house. Our target will be in his room on the third floor." Kyra pointed out where Sean's room was in the floor plan.

"There will be lots of guards on each floor. That's why I'll make a diversion on the first floor. So that the guards will gather there. That way Kay can climb the wall to the third floor safely. Using Sean's artificial hand, you can enter his room and kill him. Any questions? ”Kyra explained her plan, like a teacher explaining a lesson to her students.

Kim raised her hand which was holding her potato chips. Kyra rolled her eyes lazily because she faced her super stupid second sister.

"Why didn't I kill Sean?"

Instantly Kyra used both her hands to form an X. "No. I won't give you this important job."

"Why? I can kill him too." Kim ate the potato chips in her hand.

"Because you don't have a heart as cold as Kay. When Sean begged, 'Oh, My beauty, don't kill me. I'll give you anything.' Then you'll melt and end up in bed with him. "

Kay laughed at Kyra's explanation. Especially the part when Kyra practiced Sean begging Kim. Meanwhile, Kim snorted in annoyance.

"I couldn't have done that." Kim denied it.

Kay patted her first sister's shoulder. "Unfortunately Kyra was right, Kim. Do you remember our target is handsome men who have sold hundreds of women to become sex slaves? "

"You mean Jimmie Niel?" Kim remembered that special target.

"That's right. We're only asking you to find out where the guy is holding those poor girls. But you just make love to him. "

Kim closed her eyes and cursed herself. Then when she opened her eyes she was faced with her younger brother who smiled triumphantly.

"Oh come on. It was just one time. Jimmie is so handsome anyway." Kim gave her a sinless grin.

Kyra snorted in annoyance. "Handsome? For you all men are very handsome Kim. You just need to take Kay to pick up. So forget your wish. How about you, Kay? Do you have any questions?"

Kay also shook her head. "Nothing. You explain in great detail, My little sister."

"I'm not little anymore, Kay. Stop that call."

Kim smiled as if he had found something to take revenge on his sister. "To us you are still our adorable little sister, Kyra."

Kyra threw a small pillow on the sofa towards Kim. Kay and Kim laughed at their annoyed little sister.

"You guys fight. I'm going to sleep again." Kay stood up and walked away.

Kim saw her sister stepping into her room. "Hey! Why are you sleeping so early. Didn't you sleep last night imagining making love to your sexy foreign man, Kay? "

Kay picked up another pillow and threw it at Kim. "Shut your mouth, Kim."

Instead of getting angry, Kim laughed at Kay's reaction. Obviously Kim's words were true. Kyra even laughed to see Kay became embarrassed because of a strange man. They both high five each other. This is how Kim and Kyra got along.

"Kyra, do you also think if Kay returns to her room and imagines herself making love to her Italian man?" Kim said that in a small voice.

"We'll definitely hear Kay's sigh if she does." Kyra chuckled.

Then the conversation stopped when she heard Kay's scream from her room. "Don't let me go out and kill you."

Then Kim and Kyra both looked at Kay's door. Then they looked at each other again. Laughing together. Rarely can they tease Kay, who is famous for her calmness.


Hello!!! Marry is back.

Logan turns out to be very dangerous. This is why Kay felt that Logan's eye beads looked mysterious. Logan is a bad boy.

Marry always love the interaction of Kay, Kim and Kyra. They are siblings who can be ignorant but can also get along well. You must fight sometimes and sometimes get along, right?

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