Forced By The Mafia
Forced By The Mafia
Author: ~S.Y



It's a mature themed story so read at your own risk. If you feel uncomfortable then leave peacefully.

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She was tied up on a chair in what could be regarded as the bloody dungeons of some kind. Her eyes moved around herself. There was blood everywhere on the floor and walls. There was one moderate striking above her head, to torture her further.

 The metallic odor of blood weighed excessive in the air. She gagged for the nth time, however could not bawl her guts out as her belly was already empty, due to the fact of not being fed something for almost two days. She felt each and every part of her physique hurting.

 Her limbs have been inclined and her clothes had been all dirty. She had stopped resisting in opposition to the chains, that have been maintaining her wrists, as blood had oozed out of the gashes she had unconsciously created, attempting to free her hands.

 It was all her fault! Tears commenced to fall out of her eyes once again. She sniffed and heard the metal door opening.

 She raised her vulnerable face, which was protected with her sweat strickened hairs. She peeked through her bangs and observed the DEVIL himself coming in. She felt hate brewing up in her heart. Tears started falling her eyes, when he leisurely strolled toward her, with his hands in his pockets. He had destroyed her life! She clenched her jaw, when he stopped simply a few inches away from her.

 He bent down and pushed her hairs away from her face gently, to which she jerked her head back, looking away. She did not even wanted to look at him anymore. He was A wolf in sheep's clothing. A candy honey trap!

 Seeing her behaving like this, an evil smile stretched upon his lips, before he harshly grabbed her jaw and moved her face toward him.

 "DO NO LOOK AWAY FROM ME, ANGEL!" He hissed nevertheless smiling maniacally and she felt the chills of dread run up her spine once more. Searching in his eyes for the unexistent love, Tears fell down barring her control and he reached his thumb, scooting a tear from her face.

 He stared at it amused and placed his thumb in his mouth, sucking her tear away. He pulled his thumb out and discovered her staring hatefully at him, so he hummed, "It's salty, but still my favourite!" 

 She felt her blood boiling. She mustered up her courage and spat on his face, before weakly stuttering, "I h-hate you!" 

 He wiped his face off, with a smirk adorning his sinfully gorgeous face and laughed humorlessly. He reached forward and grabbed her hairs, making her yelp out in pain. Pain shot throughout her already vulnerable skull. 

 He leaned down, till their noses touched and whispered, "Did you think it was love?" He laughed looking away and licked his lips up,  as his gaze travelled from her eyes, that had been glaring at him hatefully to her lips, that seemed as delicious and captivating as ever.

 "No, Angel!" He leaned in addition and she ought to sense his warm breath hitting her face. She clenched her eyes closed and thrashed once again, to get out of the chains keeping her down, which proved to be of no use.

 He leaned in closer and their lips barely touched sending the acquinated tingles down her spine. She hated it! She hated him! She hated how he made her feel! Even after everything, she hated how she could not deny his touch!

His gaze was fixed at her plump lips when he whispered, "It is Just a Game!" 

His lips blanketed her already bruised one's in a harsh kiss, drawing out blood from her lips. 

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Helany Almeida
bônus please
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Hair... no matter how thick or thin no matter how many heads of hair it is just hair 😊

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