Chapter 01

~1 Month Ago


The ear piercing voice of an alarm was blasting through the whole room. The alarm had got tired from shouting too much already, but it's owner was not responding to it's calls at all.

A white flawless hand with long soft fingers, appeared from under a duvet, indicating that the lump of duvet on the bed beside the table where the alarm clock was shouting, actually had a figure hidden under it.

The hand stomped on the table, which made it clear that the figure was frustrated. The poor alarm got caught by the figure and next minute it's dead pieces were laying by the wall on the floor. It was because the cruel hand had grabbed onto it and thrown it harshly onto the wall to shut it down.

The dying clock cried at it's fate but it was nothing new. All his colleagues met with the same cruelty everyday, as that monsterous figure under the duvets killed them mercilessly, just to continue it's beauty sleep.

Just as the clock took it's last breaths, silence reigned throughout the Lavish bedroom.

The hand disappeared under the duvet again and peace too prevailed throughout the small Luxury bedroom kingdom.

Just as the walls had started taking a breath of relief, the ringing sound of a cellphone disturbed them again. What will happen now? They all looked at each other in fear.

The duvets were suddenly thrown away by the figure under it, as walls in the room cringed closing there eyes in fear.

A girl more like a monster with hairs sticking out in all places, covering her face appeared from under the duvet. Her hand was holding onto the cursed phone, which had finally Managed to wake her up from her beauty sleep.

Her milky white neck was visible from above her silk nighty. Sleepily, she tapped on the phone, attending the call and placed it on her left ear with her shoulders drooped down.

“Hmm...” That was all she could say attending the call, as her mind was still lost in her sweet lala land.

“ WHERE ARE YOU, ANA?! ” The Shouting voice of Caroline sounded from the other side of phone, which made her push the phone away from her sensitive ear.

“ I am at......home! ” She slurred in reply sleepily like a dead cat.

“ WHAT? THE EXAM WILL START IN THIRTY MINUTES! WHAT ARE YOU DOING AT HOME?! ” Caroline shouted again at the stupidity and Laziness of her bestfriend, who always fought a war when getting up in the morning due to the fact that she loved sleeping.

She yawned without bothering to place her hand on her mouth and slurred again, “ Yeah! Exa-” Her mouth stopped midway, when the red bulb suddenly lit up in her mind.

“ EXAM!” She shouted at the top of her lungs as sleep ran far away from her scared.

Throwing the phone away she pushed her hairs back revealing her face that stunned the surroundings for a while.

The voice of Hello! Hello! was sounding through the phone but who cared at this point.

She had doe like wide honey coloured eyes with a straight soft nose and a perfect set of heart shaped lips. Her features suited perfectly on her milky white silk like skin. She was no doubt beautiful beyond words. She possessed the kind of beauty which makes you get lost in the land of wonderland, but she looked oblivious to it.

Hurrying to get up, her leg got tangled with the duvets as they smirked at finally getting their revenge on her. A yelp left her mouth as she fell facefront on the floor with her legs still on the bed and her upper half on the floor, laying in a weird position.

Glaring side eyed at the duvets, she started crawling to get her legs out of the bed instead of standing up.

Finally her legs fell down from the bed along with the duvets that cursed her and she stood up on her soft feets.

Shaking her head, she ran to the door attached to the room, which was definitely a bathroom.








Ten minutes passed in the blink, when the bathroom's door opened and she stepped out ready to go to exam.

She was wearing a simple brown soft sweater with a skinny black jeans. Her hairs were now tied up in a ponytail. There dryness indicating that she had not took a shower.

Running around, she grabbed her watch from the dressing table and wore it on her wrist, before running to the door of her bedroom.

Opening the door, she stepped out in the lounge and ran to the kitchen attached to it. There was no figure in the house except for her, as she lived all alone abroad, away from her family to complete her studies.

She appeared from the kitchen again like a tornado with a bread coated with butter in her hand. She placed it in her mouth, holding it with her teeths and ran to the shoe rack to grab her favourite black high boots.

Wearing them successfully by jumping around the lounge like a frog, she huffed out and finished the bread in three big bites.

She looked at the clock hanged on the wall of the lounge. Still 10 minutes left for the exam to start. Thank God the university was five minutes away from her apartment!

Grabbing on to the books from the table, she stopped by one picture on top of it. It was a picture of a woman in her late 30's with a 7 year old girl standing in front of her. They both were looking at the camera smiling as their eyes shined the brightest, like they have never experienced any misery.

She smiled sadly at the picture and adressed the woman, “ Wish me luck Mom! It's my final exam today! ”

Dragging her finger lovingly across the picture of the smiling woman, her smile almost fell, when she forced herself to smile again.

Shaking her head, she ran to the front door but stopped by the wall sized mirror beside the door. Checking herself out from head to toe, she fixed her hairs by pushing them behind her ears.

“ You will do well Ana! This is the last exam! You will finally be free after that! ” She boosted herself up and opened the front door stepping out and locking it behind her.

She was ANASTASIA ADAMS, a sweet and caring girl who loved to sleep.

The mirror showed the reflection of the picture of a woman and child smiling in front of the camera. Everything stood still now in her absence.

If only she knew, that she was never going to be free after today, then she would have stayed longer, admiring herself or would have possibly ran away but TIME was cruel. It never informs you about the disaster FATE was going to bring.

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