Chapter 02


The bell rang indicating that the time for the exam was over. Ana raised her head to find out where professor was. She found her by the front row and smirked.

Leaning down on her paper, Ana stuck her tongue out and started writing in a speed that seemed inhumane. All the students left after submitting their papers, but Ana still sat there racing with the pen that she held in her hand.

The invigilator professor approached her and stood by her head, smiling. Professor knew Ana always did this. She used to look around all the time the paper was conducted and started writing when there were only ten minutes left submitting the paper, like a bulb had lit up in her mind at the last moment.

Lost in throwing the words on the blank paper, Ana didn't notice when the professor had came and stood by her. She noticed her when someone snatched the paper away. Ana unconsciosuly screamed out and lunged to the paper, when she came face to face with the fake glaring professor.

Turning her face to innocent by sticking her lips out, Ana smiled sheepishly at the professor who raised her eyes at Ana.

“ Just five more minutes, Professor! ” She pleaded still keeping her face innocent, trying to melt the Professor's heart like she tried in every Exam. All Professors were aware of her tactics and they all liked her, which she always used to her advantage.

Mrs William who was the Professor, smiled and patted Ana's cheeks, raising hope in her heart.

“ No! ” She deadpanned and Ana's smile fell turning into an upset pout. The professor chuckled out at her favourite student's weird behaviour and walked away, knowing if she stayed Ana would use all her weapons on her, including Crocodile tears as the ultimate destructive weapon

Ana was an intelligent and examplary student of their batch, but she still was childish. Mrs William knew that Ana had completed her paper long ago and was filling the blank pages with Songs now, like she had done in every paper. She shooked her head smiling and stepped out of the classroom after collecting all paper.

Ana pushed her hairs back and flaunted, “ Huh! Just one song was left! ” She scoffed and stood up getting proud at her performance in the paper.

She stood up as a smile tugged at the corner of her lips. With sudden excitement rushing through her body, she did a victory dance but stopped midway to see if someone was watching her. Finding no one around, she raised her hand in the air and jumped around all the class screaming, “ Yay! ”

Getting tired, she took deep breaths and decided to find her two bestfriends Jordan and Caroline. She really wanted to see them to share her happiness. She was finally free today.

Her feets were not staying on the ground as she felt like dancing around the world, until her feets worn out, but she felt it again, the same feeling like someone was watching her. She had been feeling like this for a few days now but had ignored it, thinking that it was only her imagination.

Shaking her head, she rushed out to the canteen where she knew her two crackheads would be right now.

Just as she stepped inside the canteen, she felt the same again. The feeling that someone was watching her keenly. She shooked her head for the nth time and looked around to find her friends.

There those two were! Eating like pigs with food compiled up in front of them. Smiling, she ran to them fron behind and hit them on their heads with both of her hands, making them chock out on their food.

“ ANA! ” Caroline screamed as she chocked on her food. Students turned to look at the commotion for a second, but then after finding the cause they all looked away as it was their everyday routine to make noises. They were the official weirdos of the university with the title of genius attached to them as well, which made them 'GENIUS WEIRDOS'

When Ana got to know that name, she liked it so much that she named the group of three of them as 'GENIUS WEIRDOS' turning the unofficial name to an official one, setting fire to hearts of jealous one's.

Ana smiled excitedly and rushed to sit down at the empty chair, grabbing the corn snack from the table and tearing it open.

Caroline and Jordan smiled at her excitement. They knew the real reason behind her happiness. It was not graduation. It was-

“ Finally Free! ” She blurted out tossing a corn snack in her mouth, with a big smile on her face with her eyes wide staring at them.

Jordan smiled seeing her like this, accompanied by Caroline who kept munching on the burger.

“ Where should we go after Graduation, Ana? ” Caroline question licking the ketchup off her finger and her mouth full of burger. The illmannerism of her crackheads. Ana rolled her eyes and placed her hand under Caroline's chin, shutting her mouth close.

“ First you need to finish it off dear! ” Ana teased Caroline in a sweet motherly tone, to which Caroline rewarded her with her famous failed glare.

Jordan chuckled out, shaking his head and sipped on his soft drink.

Suddenly, Ana felt that way again. She looked around herself consciously, to see if she had gotten herself a personal stalker, but no one was looking at them. She frowned and turned her head back confusedly. Caroline gulped the bite down and glanced at Jordan knowingly. Ana had told them about that feeling where she felt like someone was always watching her, but they were sure it was just her imagination.

Jordan sighed and decided to divert Ana's mind.

“ So how are you finally feeling, Ana? ” He knew this will get her excited again.

Ana smiled from ear to ear and started, “ After so many years Jordan-” Shs pushed her hairs back, as she tried to hold her emotions off. Caroline and Jordan's eyes softened knowing how she must be feeling. Caroline placed her hand on Ana's hand that was on the table to assure her that they will be always there for her.

Ana shooked her head smiling and added, “ After so many years, I feel like I am not caged! I feel like I have a chance to run away and start a new life away from my family! That.... I can take care of myself now! ” Her voice moistened due to the tears that threatened to fall, thinking about the life she had spent.

Caroline rubbed her hand slightly as Jordan smiled reassuringly at her.

“ We will always be there for you, Ana! ” Jordan vocalized the assurance Caroline was providing her with the touch. There was a promise hidden in his words.

“ I know! ” Ana smiled back at them and held Caroline's hand.

“ I need to go away before they come for me! You two know that! I don't want to go back home! ” She stated weakly, reminiscising about the plan she had made even before coming here.

Caroline and Jordan smiled at her to assure her that they will stand by her, no matter whatever it was. She was grateful that she found them! They have been with her from as long as she remembered.








Ana was walking on the footpath on the way to her home. She had excused herself earlier from both her friends, telling them she wanted some alone time to digest her own happiness.

She raised her head and looked up at the sky which was coloured a dark orange, purple and pink right now as the sun was setting. This was all so beautiful. A group of birds flew above her head and she smiled. She wished to fly like those birds one day, careless about the world catching upto her.

She looked down smiling and noticed that she had already reached her building. She should pack everything in advance. Making plans in her head, she was oblivious of the fate which had already planned everything out for her.





Unlocking the door of her apartment, she had a weird gut feeling. She shooked her head and stepped inside avoiding her sixth sense.

Just as she turned around, a gasp of surprise left her mouth seeing a figure sitting on the sofa and two bodyguards standing behind him. She knew him! She knew him too well. This can't be happening right now. Her plan might have failed without even starting.

“ What are you d-doing here, Jackson?! ” She stammered out, wanting to know his reason of being here. She wanted to step forward but she couldn't.

He stood up from his place and marched to her with serious expressions, that made her heart beat faster.

“ Your father sent take you back home! ” With his stone face he dropped the bomb on her, killing every dream of her's.

No! She stumbled back which didn't go unnoticed by him. It was all over! Life was over before it even started!

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Debra Carslake
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NOOO! So close yet so far! I hope she manages to escape her father, I wonder what their story is? Brilliant writing

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