Chapter 06


The water was pouring down on Ana's body from the shower on top of her head. She stood still under the shower, lost in her thoughts, as hot water traced the outlines of her naked body and disappeared down the drain. Steam had blurred all mirrors of the bathroom and she stood there, oblivious to everything.

Her mind repeated what happened today. What happened in the plane was weird, but what happened when she arrived here, was confusing...

Who was this beast? What did he wanted from her? But then according to the guard, the note read, that he was going after William Adams's most precious possession and whatever the world thought, she knew, she was not important to her father. He was just putting up a facade in front of people. No one was able to look past the facade of her father and it was really funny and at the same time stupid for her.

Sighing, she turned off the shower and stepped aside to look in the mirror, which was covered with fog. Raising her hand, she wiped the fog from the tip of her fingers and her reflection became clear.

Gazing into her eyes, a smirk came up on her face. Shaking her head, she looked down. Her father was not enough and now some crazy Mafia killer was after her. What an irony!

“ My life is so funny...” Chuckling out to her reflection, she sighed, as she felt her heart getting heavier. She promised herself, that she won't cry so easily and she was going to stick by it. She had to...

Determined, she gave a last look look to herself and stepped out of the bathroom. Attached to her bathroom, was a huge walk-in closet, which was still filled with her things to her surprise.

Walking by the cupboards filled with clothes, she stopped by the cupboard l, which held her casual clothes. Pushing it open, she pondered over what to wear.

Ana knew, she was doing a mistake. It was dinner time and she knew, that everyone was gathered at the dining room right now and her father hated it, when someone wore casual clothes at the table or throughout the day. They were only allowed to wear casual clothes in night or when no one was watching. Being the rich and sophisticated people they had to pretend to be, she was supposed to be acting like the Mafia turned billionaire princess, she was. Then she remembered how she loved receiving hate from her father.

Smirking, she grabbed a simple grey sweater with a black pant. She could imagine the infuriated face of her father right now and it was hell pleasing. Her father could chop off one or two fingers of her for this, but who cared. Anyway, he would have really chopped off her fingers, if he didn't needed to marry her off to some other Mafia clan, to secure alliances.

Chuckling, she shaked her head. The most he could do, was hit her or lock her up anyway, but it would be worth infuriating him. She hoped, he would consider it a welcome back gift from her. Well! It didn't make sense, but it was not like anything made sense in her life.

Admist all her thoughts, her gaze went to the clock, that was about to struck 8 in the night. Her eyes unconsciously went wide and she hurriedly started wearing her clothes. She was going to be dead meat, if she was late and she might end up with more than chopped off finger of hers.

Finally! As she rushed down the stairs, all eyes of the bodyguards followed her non-sophisticated behaviour. Moving past them, she pushed open the dining room's door, where she knew everyone was. Before her eyes went to the table, they went to the clock. She was five minutes late. Shit!

Slowly, her eyes trailed the dining table. It was a huge black table, that could accomodate over twenty people at once. Dishes of all kinds were placed neatly at the table, with cultery placed neatly in front of all chairs. Four maids were standing respectfully at all four corners of the room. They were there to serve dishes and they held the position of most trusted servants around here. Gradually, her eyes rose up to the head of the table, where her father was seated, with his piercing eyes staring right through her. Her heart skipped a beat, as she met his gaze, that could make her tremble in a second.

There was everything in her eyes.








On the contrary, her father's eyes were void of any emotions, except for the coldness and ruthlessness, that could turn a room cold. Looking away from him, she noticed her step mother Mathilda Adams, sitting on his right side, along with her half sister Rebecca Adams, sitting beside her. In the same line, Jackson was seated after Rebecca.

But his left side...It was all empty.

No one ever sat on his left side, as that spot was reserved for her...Her and only her.

Maybe it was to make her realize, that everyone was on her father's right side and she was completely on the other side, without anyone accompanying her.

“ You are late! ” The booming voice of William Adams echoed in the dining room, seeing his daughter, standing in the door like a statue.

William Adams was in his 50's, but he didn't looked any older than late 30's, with his well built physique and the lack of wrinkles on his face. Dressed in a black formal suit with his arms supported on the sides of the head chair, he looked like a king; in front of whom everyone looked small and powerless.

Gulping down her saliva, Ana stepped inside the dining room and the door closed behind her. Everyone had stopped eating, after they heard William's voice. Everyone was looking down, not daring to look up, except for William who was glaring at his daughter and Ana, who stared back at him with rebellion.

“ ...And you as always are wearing casual clothes to infuriate me! ” Shaking his head, William Adams chuckled out. No one had the audacity to stand up against him, except for his own daughter. She always tried her hardest to infuriate him, childishly. Even if she knew the consequences of infuriating him, she still did those things and it had become amusimg to William Adams over the years.

“ Father! ” Ana nodded her head with respect, which was lacking in her eyes. Everyone knew, she was mocking her father in her own way.

“ As it's your first day home, I will forgive you. ” William shooked his hand in the air, dismissing the matter and everyone waited for Ana to sit down.

It was enough provocation for the day, so Ana silently marched forward and sat down at the left side of her father. Taking the cue, a maid came forward and started serving Ana. Maids knew what she ate and what she didn't, so she filled up her plate.

William was staring at his daughter and Ana knew it, but she was hellbound on not making eye contact with him now. Her father was far too lenient today and she shouldn't try her luck too much.

Turning his head back, William started eating and so did everyone else, leaving Ana to herself for a while. Silence prevailed in the dining room and no sound was made, except for the clinking of cultery, that was faint. It was the kind of silence, that slowly suffocated people and made them desperate for fresh air.

“ How was University, Ana? ” Mathilda questioned, interrupting Ana's silent meal. Raising up her head slowly, her eyes met Mathilda, who was already staring at her. Ana knew what she was trying to do, so she sighed out and placed the fork in the plate.

“ It was...good! ” Ana answered slowly, nodding her head, assessing her own words in her head.

Rebecca too, was looking at Ana along with Jackson, as they all knew what was about to happen now. Rebecca was hiding her smirk by taking a bite and Jackson's face was emotionless just like William, who was drinking wine from his glass.

“ Good what, Ana? Have you forgotten your manners? ” Mathilda raised her eyebrows at Ana's lack of respect towards her.

Trying hard not to purse her lips or utter something that would get her in trouble, Ana bit her inner cheek under her teeths; drawing out blood. Her nails were digging in the palms of her hands and blood had started to gush out in form of drops. Staring at Mathilda, she stayed neutral.

“ Are not you supposed to say 'It was good, Mother'? ” Placing her fork down on the plate, Mathilda joined her hands together and placed her hands on the table, turning the atmosphere grim.

“ You are not my mother! ” Unconsciously, Ana hissed out to Mathilda, whose lips curled up in a twisted smirk. Rebecca was enjoying it from the sides and Jackson ignored everything, continuing to eat his dinner.

A splash sounded in the air and Ana instinctively closed her eyes. Jackson's hand stopped midway and he slowly raised his head to look up.

William Adams had thrown his wine directly on Ana's face, which was covering her front hair and whole face; dripping down on her clothes.

Rebecca and Mathilda exchanged content glances, hiding their smirks. It was the beginning of showtime!

Ignoring everything, Jackson looked away. It was nothing new to him anyway.

William threw the empty glass on the floor, breaking it into pieces, making everyone flinch and got up from his chair, glaring down at Ana, who still had her eyes closed, as she breathed heavily; trying to contain her emotions.

“ You have forgotten to respect your mother and you must be taught a lesson! ” Hissing at Ana, William still glared down at her.

Taking this chance, Mathilda rose up from her place and grabbed William's arm, gently.

“ She just returned, honey...” With fake tears in her eyes, Mathilda held William back; trying to act good.

“ Forgive her for me this time! ” As William's eyes softened looking at Mathilda, she pleaded further. William looked at Mathilda for a second and started walking away from the dining room, indicating that she was being forgiven this time, just because of his precious wife.

Just as he left the room, Rebecca dropped her spoon sighing and turned to Ana.

“ It's going to be fun as you are back now...” Her mocking tone indicated what was about to come her way.

Raising her head, Ana sufficed on staring blankly at Rebecca, who was younger than her.

After glaring at Ana for a while, Mathilda and Rebecca left the dining room, leaving behind Ana and Jackson, along with the maids.

Ana sighed out heavily and looked at the maid, who had stepped forward with tissue box in her hand. Pursing her lips, she grabbed tissues and wiped her face off with them.

As the maid stepped back, Jacskson came in Ana's view and she ended up chuckling out. He was still eating!

“ Seriously? You still have an apepitite? ” Scoffing at Jackson, Ana folded her arms on her chest.

Slowly, Jackson raised his head and looked at Ana with the same empty gaze. “ We can't stop eating even if someone dies...It was just a little show in your case! ” Shrugging his shoulder, he took another bite.

“ Ouch! That was quite...Inhumane...” Ana shooked her head and got up from the table, ready to leave. She needed to go somewhere anyways and it was not like, she didn't know that no one cares for her.

“ Don't visit, Lucas! ” Ana's feet stopped in her track, hearing Jackson warn her from behind.

Frowning, she turned around and found Jackson already staring at her. What did he mean by that?

Before she could ask, Jacson wiped his mouth and got up from his seat, marching towards Ana with firm steps.

“ Don't go outside...It's not safe! ” Jackson thrusted his hands in his pant's pockets and warned Ana, standing right in front of her.

Sighing, Ana pushed her hairs off her face and looked away for a second, before turning back to him, “ Nowhere is safe for me! ” Her voice was low, talking to Jackson. He could almost feel her tiredness and he wanted to stop her, but he kept quite, when she started walking away; leaving him behind.

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