Chapter 07


Sitting at the backseat of her car, she was staring at the one-story house in front of her. Her bodyguard was sitting on the front seat, along with another boduguard, who was sitting in the driver's seat.

They have been here for almost five minutes, but she was not saying or doing anything. She was just staring at that house.

Lucas was also Ana's and Jackson's childhood friend. He was the son of one of her father's bodyguard, who died protecting him, so his father took him under his wing and trained him for years. He was an assassin and the only thing he hated in this world was his job. After years of doing that dirty job, he made God Knows what deal with her father, that he let him go.

Ana still remembered the day he was freed from that hell. His happiness couldn't match anything else in this world.

That day, Ana didn't know if she should be happy or sad for him. He was finally free, but the only person who cared about her in that place, was leaving her. He left her behind, without caring what she would do, after him; all alone.

Shaking all thoughts from her head, Ana opened her side of door and got down, only to turn around and watch her two bodyguards-his father's best people, get down from the car too.

“ You two will stay outside! ” Ordering them, she didn't wait for anything else. She didn't had the will for such debates right now. Anyway, the guards knew she would be safe with Lucas, so they listened to her order. They were still alert though and were looking in all directions, for any sort of sudden danger.

Taking steady steps, Ana marched past the garden of Lucas's house, stopping in front of the main door. She raised her hand to knock at the door, but just as her hand touched it, the door swinged open, a little.

Surprised, she pulled her hand back and her heart missed a beat. Why was the door open? Her palms started to sweat, as all negative thoughts swamped her mind.

She looked behind her, where her bodyguards were but then she shooked her head and stepped inside, slowly pushing the door open.

It was dark-pitch dark in the house. Her heart was still beating faster, as she moved around the lounge. Her brain was screaming at her to turn around and run back, but her heart was rejecting every rational thought.

Moving forward, her eyes went to the room on first floor. It's lights were turned around. Placing her hand on her heart, she sighed in relief. She was worrying for nothing. Lucas must have forgotten to lock the door and that was all.

A smile stretched upon her lips and she went towards the stairs. She was excited to meet him after so long. She had so much to talk to him about. She needed his help to escape too. He was her only hope now.

Rushing up the stairs, she stopped when she reached the room. It's door was half closed, so she knocked on it, but no reply came. How foolish! She came in from the main door and was knocking here now. Shaking her head, she pushed the door open and stepped inside.

To her surprise, the room was empty. Lines of confusion appeared on her forehead, as she moved forward to check the whole room. There was no one here. Where was he? 

As she turned around to leave, something sticky touched her shoes and she looked down. With eyes going wide in fear, her blood ran cold. It felt like her heart beat had slowed down. It was blood. Crimson red blood.

Gulping her fear, her eyes slowly traced the line of blood and a scream erupted through her mouth, with tears starting to stream down her face. No...No! This was not happening. She covered her mouth with her hand and fell down on her butt.

On the other side of the bed, Lucas was laying on the floor, covered in his own blood with his eyes almost bulging out of his eyesockets; indictaing that he was dead. His stomach and chest had holes; which meant he was shot to death.

Trying to surpress her sobs by covering her mouth with her hand, she slided towards Lucas's dead body and touched his face gently. A loud cry left her lips, feeling his cold skin. How can he be dead? She didn't wanted to believe it. Both of her hands grabbed his face, as she cried harder at the loss of her friend. 

“ Who did this to you, Lu-Lucas? ” A cry of pain left her lips and she leaned into his body, hugging him. He can't be gone just like this. Her mind was dizzy. 

A loud crash from downstairs pulled her out of her trance and her lips quivered in fear again. There was someone else in the house! Her tears stopped falling, as dread took over her body. Maybe the killer was still here or maybe they were the guards.

With her heart beating faster and almost beating out of her ribcage, she forcefully detached herself from Lucas's dead body, stumbling away to the door.

Stepping outside with her shaky body, she looked around in darkness. “ Wh-Who is it? ” Her voice broke with fear.

Not receiving any reply, her hands started to shiver badly. Guards were definitely not in the house or they would have answered her already. It must be-

Her eyes went wide and she covered her mouth to stop herself from making any sounds. Killer was still in the house. She must call the guards from outside.

Mustering up her courage, she sprinted down the stairs with shaky steps. She needed to get out of here. The escape was just in front of her. She remembered leaving the front door open, but it was closed now.

Without taking any look around, due to the fear that overtook her body, she ran to the front door, but a surprised shriek left her mouth, when someone held her from her waist and lifted her up in the air.

She should have turned back around when she sensed the danger. Closing her eyes in fear, she knew she was going to die. The strong hands holding her, made it clear to her.

Finally, it was the end of her miserable life!

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