Chapter 08


With her body trembling in paralyzing fear, Ana kept her eyes shut closed. She was afraid to see her death with her own eyes. Someone was holding her waist and one hand of that person, was placed on her mouth to prevent her from making any sound. That person's hard chest was pressed against her back, making the whole experience more real. Her mind had stopped working and tears kept streaming down her face.

“ Look who we have here! ” A deep masculine voice mocked her and she felt the vibration of that laughter throughout her body, which made her heart tremble.

“ Open your eyes, Anastasia Adams! ” The same voice commanded Ana, who was silently crying at her fate.

That voice surprised her, with the coldness it held. She was sure now, that he was the killer. He was the one who killed her Lucas.

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Aleesha Zaid
Its amazing

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