Chapter 09


Ana jolted up from the deep slumber she was in and looked around herself. The place was different than, what she remembered. Her eyes were wide in fear and her hairs were sticking to her face, due to sweat, that was coating them. Her clothes were changed and not the same, as she remembered wearing.

Slowly trying to calm herself down, she took deep breaths and looked down at the comforter, which was covering her trembling body.

Anxious, she pushed the comforter away and looked around herself to make sure, that she was not dreaming. It was her room.

Sighing, she pushed her hairs back and a relieved smile stretched upon her heart shaped lips.

It was just a dream.

A horrible dream.

And it was over now.

Shaking her head, Ana stood up on her feet, but almost stumbled back on the bed, finding her knees still weak.

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Love it its really good
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Please continue with this story ūü•į
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Love this chapter, shows some insight of Ana...... and Jackson

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