Chapter 95


Beast came back home with his heart still drumming in his ears. He should have listened to her when she was saying that she had a bad feeling about things these days.

Whatever he had said to Jack Blackwell to scare him and to make sure that he did not hurt Ana before he got to her, did not help assuring himself at all.

<Who knew what a maniac like Jack Blackwell would do to her?

As he made his way to the room - their room, avoiding to cross paths with Camelia Alvarado and Mia, he found his strength leaving his body.

He was alone now. He did not need to pretend that he was okay, that he would be able to handle everything, that everything was under his control. He was slowly losing his breaths, his heart beating painfully in his chest at the thought of Ana getting hurt.

He marched to the bed and sat down on it with a thump, his whole life flashing before his eyes.


All of Beast's conflicting emotions and his rational thoughts were finally revealed. Throughout the story, his feelings were not so clear. So here it is! Do leave a comment about what you think of Damon/Beast now :) Also, Thanks to all of you for wishing me a speedy recovery ❤ I can't thank you all enough for being this patient. The story is off the schedule these days. I had to complete it under this month but I think it will take some more days so please don't curse at me too much 😁 Love you all ❤

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Comments (6)
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Tiona Webber
I'm glad his emotions are out there. let's hope he finds her and they finally have a good ending. them starting a new mafia
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Karla Rodriguez
I'm in love can't wait for more!!!
goodnovel comment avatar
Kree Geraldine
Their going to be ok. They have to be.

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