Chapter 96


When Ana blinked her eyes open, darkness was all that surrounded her. She groaned in pain feeling her head spinning. She tried to move her hands but they were restrained behind her back, tied with a rope.

Worry clouded her mind more than fear. She was worried about her unborn child. She had to find a way out of here.

The door to the room opened and Jack Blackwell stepped inside making Ana to sit up straight like a rod was fixed in her back.

“ What do you want from me?! ” Ana hissed, her eyes burning with rage.

“ Nothing. That's the thing. I want nothing from you so you are useless. ” He shrugged his shoulders, the sinister laugh falling off his lips.

“ Then let me go. ” Ana hissed again. She was trying to loosen up the ropes behind her by rotating her hands around while he talked to her. The ropes dug in her wrists drawing out blo
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