Chapter 97


“ Please! Don't me kill me. Don't kill me. I am pregnant. ” She blurted in a hoarse voice and Jack Blackwell halted in his way.

His shocked expressions changed to one of pure evil and Ana realised she shouldn't have told him about it.

“ Is it Beast's child? ” He chuckled with an evil glint in his eyes making Ana gulp.

“ Why am I even asking? Ofcourse its his child. ” He grinned sinisterly and patted Ana's hair making her flinch.

“ I will not kill you until he arrives... ” He whispered and leaned down to look at her fearful expressions.

“ But once he comes, I am going to carve out this baby of his and then I will let you bleed until you die right in front of his eyes. ” His grin widened and he leaned back.

Shaking his head happily, he started walking out leaving Ana crying in pain and fear.

“ He k-killed Mom... ” She mumbled to herself as she cried harder.

He killed her Mother and ye

So Hey! How do you all feel? The end is coming 😁

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Tinisha Mack
I was so scared at first now I need mia to get pregnant and them to be happy and the twins to be born I hope it's a boy and a girl
goodnovel comment avatar
Anjana J S
Haaaaawwww.. you scared me for a moment.. "One month without her ", seriously?? 😠😂😂😂💜
goodnovel comment avatar

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