Chapter 99


“ She is alive. Just a little away. For... ” Beast scrunched up his nose, glancing back at Ana who was glaring at him.

“ For Forever. She won't return in our lives now. Whoever will cause Ana any harm consciously or unconsciously will never be able to return in our lives. ” His eyes held hers captive just like always, as he said this in a low tone.

Camelia Alvarado sighed folding her arms on her chest as her eyes watched Ana and Damon gazing in each other's eyes like she was not even there. She shook her head smiling to herself and walked out of there to leave those two alone.

“ You didn't hurt her right? ” Ana whispered after a while detaching her eyes from his chocolate brown mesmerising orbs.

“ No. I didn't hurt her. I just sent her away. ” He answered truthfully and walked closer to her as his mind recalled the memory.

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Yumna Halym
omg I just love love love this story. hats off ... ...... I wonder why directors can't choose great stories like this to make movie ...
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Sara Marquez
Loved your story, I was hooked from the start. You kept it going perfectly, I was annoyed lol with Ana’s crying but I get it. I knew Damon was in love with her. I felt bad for Jackson but he did hurt her? Epilogue would be so appreciated; update twins, Caroline, Jackson and Mia…
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Αγγελική Λειβ
This story was amazing. I couldn't stop reading... The only story so far that I spend money to read it quick...I would love to see that storie in a movie. And I am sure that I will read this authors stories ...Thank you .........
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