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Chapter 1- Her life!

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I groaned When My alarm started to sing it's lullaby!!!

My head is throbbing. Another sleepless night.

Looks like I have to see the doctor again to get new type of sleeping pills as the old one is not doing it's work properly.

I got up and went to shower.After showering I took my outfit from my closet.

I stared at my reflection in mirror. A brunette with big blue eyes in blue dress looking pale.I sighed and went to have water from my kitchen.

My apartment seemed life less.I preferred living alone rather than with people calling me as their family.They are strictly restricted in my list.You will eventually get to know why I'm speaking like this.

No one is allowed to enter my place other than Cooper- My PA, My maid - Anita and my friends - Amelia and Drake and they are the only people I trust.

I took my car and went to office.

I saw my two receptionists chatting ignoring the world.I stood next to each other and said, "Yeah, It's quite a nice watch" ,with a fake laugh.

They both stopped and looked me with horror!!!Who will not fear when their boss caught them gossiping?

"Looks like I'm paying you for gossiping and Not working", I said calmly with a Smile. They look petrified.

I moved close to them still smiling "You both are fired", I whispered and walked to my elevator.

I heard a lot of pleas and later cursing form those two.What a morning to start the day?!

When I made to my office, Cooper is ready with my breakfast.Cooper is a guy in his early thirties and he is a loyal one.

I'm either comfortable in my home or in office. I don't like the open space. I hate attention.But I'm used to it.I prefer to be away from the world.

While Eating , I asked cooper for my today's schedule.

"Ms. Anderson! You have a meeting by 9, a lunch date and after that you have to go to your company for another meeting there!".

Blue Architects!I have established my own company when I finished my college. It's six years back.Now my company is on top for it's unique designs.It's my dream to become an architect and the reason again I'll let you know later.

I have a great passion for designs and plans!!! And my Amelia is taking care of it along with me.Rather than being here I'll live my life over there.

I'm only here on my father's request! He cares for his Business, Buisness and Buisness alone.

I smirked internally for the lunch date father asked me to go!!! He really wants to sell me in the name of marriage!! He can try his best. Let's see who will win.

Everyone stood up when I entered the conference room.

"Let's start the meeting", Cooper said.

The presentation is about new launch of a product in cosmetics. A serum!!

My father's company is the number one in cosmetics!!

"As we see the serum we are about to launch has reached the customer very well!! And coming to its composition we have added usual gold particles, sandalwood and with the new secret formula containing.."

"Stop! Why I haven't seen the final test results of the product?", I questioned.

It's confusing! We are here for discussing the final review about the product and finalising the date to launch it. How they going to do it without test results?

"It's still not finished boss", the man gulped.

"Oh!! I see. We are going to launch it in couple of weeks and still the results are not ready. Am I right Mr?", I smiled. The smile which brings trouble. The people here named my smile like that!!

"Yes". "May. I know why?". " it's that we.. it seems to be some problem in it", he stuttered.

"Ah!! That means the product is not yet ready and we are gathered here to waste our time in the name of meeting. Answer me!", I barked.

Silence . All are scared. Like I care!!

"First Go and find the solution. Second I'm giving you one day time to get it ready and Third WHY THE HELL ARE YOU ALL HERE WHEN I SAID TO GO AND FIND THE DAMN SOLUTION",I shouted.

With that everyone disappeared into air.

I went to my office and relaxed. Files! Files! I immersed myself into files ignoring the world!

And now it's the time for lunch!!

I smirked and got on car and drove to the restaurant. The man introduced himself as John. He looks good but not my type.

And you can say I don't have any type in my mind as Dating and getting married is the last thing I want.

"John! Tell me yourself", I asked smiling. The same question I ask to the guys when going on a date. "I'm working in my father's company and you can see that I'm rich and I can get any girl I want", he replied. Narcissist.

It's not new to me!!! The guys that my father is setting up is always like this one. Wasted by money. "So that's what you?", I asked.

"Yeah and I like to get to know more about you and you are so sexy!!!", he smiled. I'm annoyed by his replies.

"Little boy. My time is precious! So go and ask your daddy to get a new toy for you to play with", I patted his hair.

Anger fumed from his nose and ear. I laughed hard at his reaction and ignoring him I took my car and drove to my company.

I had fun after long time because of my so called father.

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