Chapter 3- Her Family!

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Eleanor's POV

"Come home! Right Now". I rolled my eyes when I heard my father's shout from the call.

"Father! Don't be too loud!! You might have a heart attack due to your temper", Is my calm reply.

"ELEANOR BLUE ANDERSON! COME HOME THIS INSTANT",I heard my father's coughing at last.

Ignoring the guilty feeling I stayed silent.

"Eleanor! It's been a long time. Come Home and meet your father,please dear".

His pleas made me to go home at last.

While Entering the mansion, I stiffed. It had been 9 years already I moved out. I avoided entering this place at all cost.

I'm a strong woman now. You can handle it. My inner self said.

Mostly I'll meet my family outside either in gala or in restaurant.

So many Awful memories hit my brain and made me feel nauseous.

All of a sudden SLAP! My cheeks tingled with pain. My eyes met with eyes that is same colour of mine.

"Why the hell are you making my husband sick? Can't you show your gratitude for him at least once, you daughter of a bitch!!".

My mother looked at me with disgust. Ignoring the tears that threating to fall, I glared at her.

"Mother! Don't call yourself like that", I smiled at her.

"What?", She looked surprised by my reply.

"Mother,To the world you are my mother and I'm your daughter. And better behave unless you wanted to reveal my true identity that I'm a daughter of a bitch! ", I said composing myself from my emotions.

I'm not a same little girl who is desperate for her mother's love and care.

She is shocked and looked hurt. Her eyes glistened with tears.

This is not my first time to talk back to my mother and threatening her and it always hurts like hell seeing her like this though I know she is faking like a hurt one.

I moved away from her and went to stairs to reach my father's office. I know he will be always there.

So meet my mother.No stepmother. I have found that truth 9 years back from now and that's why I'm not interested to stay in this home.

The fact is that she is not my birth mom and she is happy with my father, my elder sister Olivia her daughter.

Until I have brought into this home when I'm 2 years old.

I don't know who is my birth mom but my father is Anderson.

As she said I'm a child born out of wed lock. A illegitimate one.

All I know is My father forced my step mom to take care of me and announced me as their second daughter to the world and she is totally upset by my father and me.

I know Why she hates me. But that's not my fault. It's not like that I have chosen my parents to born like this. She'll never understand me.

I behaved well and got good grades from childhood and waited for her to appreciate me.

When I'm sick, I'll look for her to take care of me.

When my elder sister Olivia or any other hurt me, I'll look for her to rescue me.

When my mother beats me, I'll wait for her to comfort me later.

But she never ever acknowledged me once. She totally ignored me every single time.All I received is her hate.

I loved her. To her I'm not her daughter. To me she is my only mother.

After all I'm a little child who is new to the world and her only world is her mother.

I furiously wiped my tears . You are a strong girl. You don't need anyone. You don't need your mother. So stop it. My mind brought me out from my emotions.

I went into my father's office maintaining my composure.

"Eleanor! What the hell is going on your little mind to treat Mr.James son like that. You..Behave like a 28 years old one not 8", my father sighed at last seeing my eyes red.

My father knows me well. He treats me good whenever he has time.

The true fact is He never made time for me though he knows that I'm alone in this home and my mother never cared for me.

That's why he didn't stop me when I moved out.

I know he cares for me. But I want more than caring. I wanted to be loved my family.

It's making me upset that I'm still expecting everything to be changed.

"Why did you call me?", I questioned.

"It's that we are going to sign a deal with Parker by evening and I want you to make designs and help them throughout the project, as you are an amazing architect and a smart one in our company". I rolled my eyes at his words.

"Eleanor!! It's an important project. So don't disappoint me", he sighed again.

I felt annoyed by his sighing.

From downstairs I heard my sister Olivia's voice.

Having enough for the day I agreed to him.

I have 15 percent shares of Anderson group and I'm taking care of it for the time being as the board of directors selected me as a CEO when my father is sick.

After my father's recovery he is the one taking care of Company from home but I'm the CEO in name.

I just handle minimal amount of work as I have my own company to deal with.

Signing new project is his work and my work is to handle it.

I don't have one percent of interest in Anderson group when I got to know that my sister wants to take over the company and my mother wants that too.

I don't want something that doesn't belong to me. I know My sister is the true heir for company.

I moved out to be out from the family and company. But My father seemed to have other ideas.

My father wants me to take over it as my sister disappointed my father by doing modelling.

I strictly said to him that I don't want that and he is avoiding it for time being.

He thinks that Olivia is too dumb to understand Buisness.

And from that day Olivia started to treat me as her only enemy.

She treated me like a slave from kids and hurted me with both her words and hands.

She once locked me in a closet for two days and my mother too knew it. But both ignored me and my father came to rescue me.

And from that day I know they want me to be dead.

From that same day I started to hate them to the core and treat them in the same way they treat me.

I went to my home and started to drink. And suddenly the power went off. Total darkness.

My breath fastened and I searched for my phone to call someone. Sweating profusely and my hands started to shake.

I unlocked my phone to make a call. Before calling someone a deep sleep enveloped me.

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