Chapter 6- What? Monster!

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Eleanor's POV

"M..omm....!!!! Mot...her!!!! I'..m str...uck her..e!!! Pl..ease ge..t me out. I I ....I ... won't dis..turb you mom....Sis...'s so scary...please I'm begging you... Let me out....Mom..sissy... ", It's so scary here.I can't control my tears and hiccups."mother...ple...ase..I'm here.... somebody open up ple.."

All of a sudden I heard a laugh and sudden splash on my face.

What the hell? I opened my eyes and saw that devil laughing at me. I hate someone pouring water on me.

"What the hell Noah?", I seethed.

"It's so good to see you like this", he laughed.


Ignoring my shout he went to his table.

I went to Amy to calm myself.

"That dumb!!!! What the hell is his problem? Better I get him to an asylum. There is definitely something wrong with his brain. That freaking little stupid..Ah!!! I want to kill him Amy. Better I go and kill him now", I turned to go to his office but stopped by Amy.

"Stop it! Elie!!! Stop.", She is laughing hard now.

"It there is something that funny for you to laugh hard like this?", I glared at her.

"I..m.. sor..ry but it's s..o fun..ny to see y.ou this long time",she said in between her laugh.

"Amelia", I shouted. I'm about to go nuts here and she finds it funny. This girl!!! Why the hell I'm with her???

She stopped and said "leave it Elie. Loosen up!!! It's just for six months. It will be gone soon", she encouraged me and gave me hot cup of black coffee.

She knows that I rarely have lunch. So she never forgets to get me coffee.

Gosh!! I do hate and love this girl!! I calmed myself and entered the cabin.

When I'm going to take the chair he stood and walked fast towards me.

My heart started racing seeing him like this. He is so damn gorgeous.

What the hell he wants now?

He moved towards me while I took steps back.

His stares made me uncomfortable but in a good way.

Suddenly my butt hit the table.

He moved extremely close. Lubb!!Dubb!! I clearly heard the sound of my heartbeats in my ear.

He is a player and wants to play with you !! Eleanor. My inner self alerted me.

I moved little when his hand came to touch me. I wanted to shout. But He took a file in my desk and Smiled at me trapping me both sides.

He winked at me and turned to get to his table. This stupid heart why are you beating so fast stop or You will die due to heart attack. I said to my heart but it's not listening to me.

Stop it or I'll put a bullet in you. I warned my heart. But being dumb like him it ignored me.

I fumed by his actions. "Noah", I called out.

"Yes", he said still smiling at me. He is clearly enjoying it. This dumb.

I splashed the hot coffee in his suit.

"Ahhh!!! What the fuck Eleanor?", He shouted in horror.

I smiled sweetly at him.

"Ah!!!", He groaned and removed his suit and within a minute he opened his shirt. His abs were little red due to hot coffee.

Though I felt guilty I ignored it.

"Serves you right", I fake laughed.

"You are truly a vixen", Noah glared at me.

I shrugged and engrossed myself in work.

He cursed and after few minutes he relaxed on his couch.

After few hours my awesome big sister entered the office again.

"Noah!!!",she called out.

I snorted hearing her sweet voice.

"Hey Olivia. Can you give me few minutes to finish up", he said smiling at her.

I wanted to puke at him. How can be he is that sweet with my sister and treating me like shit!!!

That dumbass!! Wait for the day. Soon I'll kill you Noah!!! I noted myself and ignored them.

I saw Olivia making her way towards me. I drank water and started ignoring her.

"Oops!!! Sorry", she dodged the glass and water poured on documents and important papers.

Why the hell everyone playing with water and me today. Morning it's Amy,later Noah and now this bimbo.

I fumed as it wet the rough sketches that I done from morning. If I dried the paper only major details of the drawing will remain. She completely made it soak.

"Olivia", I shouted and lunged towards her.

Why the hell everyone is annoying me.

I pulled her hair and she pulled mine.

"Why??? You know how hard I tried to draw that?? You", I said pulling her hair tight.

I managed to pull my hair from hers.

"Eleanor, leave her right now", Noah shouted.

I can hear her cries. But. Did Noah supported her???

I left her hair and glared at him.

"Don't tell me you are into her?", I asked him.

Please! You can date anyone but not her. Please say no. I expected him to say something.

"You are a monster", he shouted and took her hands and went out.

What? Monster!!! Me!!! I saw Olivia turning her head and smiling at me.

That fake bitch faked again and that dumbass Noah believed her and called me a MONSTER!!!


Soon I have to get out from this place. I sat and started working again.

Better I escape from this country. Don't you dare cry Eleanor! My mind warned me.

I will not cry for some little dumb annoying freak!!! I wiped my tears that pouring out and started drawing sketches.

And before I know the sun rised from the sky!!

Love ❤️❤️ moniagnes

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