All Started With A Revenge
All Started With A Revenge
Author: Pearl

Prologue and Chapter- 1 "Sugar candy"


Living a double standard of life is always very difficult for wizards, and it becomes even more difficult

when half of the magical world has already been destroyed by the evil dragons and the leftover

kingdoms were living under the sword of getting conquered. In this deadly situation. Marcus and Mars

who were also the victims of the attack survived since the age of 10. Their father, King Richard was

declared dead when people saw him falling down the abyss and didn’t return even after 15 years and

their mother, Queen Vincent slipped into a state of coma after her encounter with the strongest killing

spell enchanted on her by the cruel evil wizard king.

Both the twin princes somehow grew up got educated both ways i.e wizardry education and the muggles

way of education.

MARCUS, the elder twin prince turned out to be the famous, rude and ruthless business tycoon of the

country whereas MARS, his only 5 minutes younger brother grew up as a kind and humble Doctor,

always indulge in charity events.

One and the only common thing in both is that they want to take revenge from the murderer of their


Unfortunately, No one was there to answer their numerous questions about who actual attacked their

kingdom and killed their father. They were desperately waiting for their mother to come out of the coma

as soon as possible.

Jacob a betrayer minister grew them and took proper care of them, manipulative the children innocent

mind to attack according to him. He sparks the flames of revenge in their heart. Marcus blindly trusts

Jacob and he also help him in business.

On the other hand, Mars never was able to trust Jacob. He finds him suspicious

all the time that is why Jacob also maintained a distance from him.


             CHAPTER-1 "SUGAR CANDY"

A beautiful young girl lay unconscious on the marble floor of a luxurious room.

The big room is all lushed with classy velvet curtains covering floor to ceiling windows, a king-size bed in the middle of the room, a big velvet sofa, precious paintings hanging on the walls, expensive chandeliers and lamps strewing the magical light making the room look more lavishing, attached glass bathroom with jacuzzi is perfect for an astonishing bath. This room was so beautiful and has all the luxury that everyone would love to stay here.

Suddenly, the door opens and a tall, handsome man appears on the door.

"Finally, I found her. I found the source to take my revenge."

"Finally!" Marcus said to himself after he got informed by his guards that they caught the girl, he was looking for long. He hurriedly paced to the room where she was captivated. He pushed the door open and a smile crept over his lips, looking at the girl helplessly lying on the floor.

He may sound creepy but how can anyone expect him to be merciful towards the daughter of my father's killer. He menacingly paced towards her.

Unbelievably, out of his expectations. The girl looks very attractive, her snow colour skin, long red hairs, pink lips, and perfectly curved body is perfect to seduce any man. He sheepishly thought in his head. He moved in and sat on the velvety couch with his one hand supporting his head, looking at the innocent face of the sexy girl.

He impatiently waited for a few moments and when he lost control over his patience.  He gestured the jug of water that is lying on the centre table using his wizardry powers and the jug started flying in the air and then the water from the jug splashed on the girl's face and jug fell on the ground and scattered in pieces, a loud sound of glass smashing on the floor echoed in the room.

Even after all this, the girl did not move at all and her reactionless body worsens my anger. He angrily stood up and walked towards the girl. He rolled his index finger on her face pushing the wet strands of hair away from her face. To his extreme surprise, his cold fingers touch her slightly warm skin and a sharp wave went down his spine.

He was all shocked at the same time and delusionally rolled his eyes all over her. Her wet slender body was breathtaking, the black shimmered dress is now almost transparent, her cleavage is exhibited beautifully under the V neck of the dress, her willowy white legs are infuriating my manly desires.

He took her in his arms and put her on the king-sized bed. He forgets to blink staring at her. He was all lost in her beauty and perplexedly leaned on her, touched her lips and that touched paced up his urges to get the revenge and suddenly a sharp spark rushing down his spine with another touch. He never experienced this before.

"So Awful!"

He murmured in astonishment and was about to move away from her.

"Water, Water..."

She faintly murmured and rolled her tongue over her dry lips.

Her seductive voice turned him on sending butterflies to my stomach. He furiously jumped out of the bed, pick out a small bottle of liquid from the bedside drawer and leaned over the girl's body, tossed the lid of the bottle and put some drops on her dry lips with a creepy thought that just blow up in his head.

He is not a professional kidnapper or a criminal but he evidently preparing for this day for ages.

She subconsciously licked the drops to quench her thrust.

He then turned to her and lay down by her side, tapping his lap with his fingers in excitement, it seemed that he was excitedly waiting for a movie to start. He curled his lips when the girl body showed some reaction.

He was carefully watching all the movements of that girl's body.

A moan escaped out of her mouth, her moans started getting over his nerves.

She moaned again raising her waist, the girl is now ready according to his plan. The stimulations in her body giving him satisfaction.

He menacingly glances at her. Then strongly grabbed her in his arms, looking at her fainted face. He elatedly rolled my fingers on her trembling lips, she moaned again with my touch. Her hot breath fans his face.

"OO girl,"... He groaned

Her moans triggered him hard. He ripped off the piece of her cloth slowly.

"I never thought my revenge would be so beautiful," he whispered looking at her face.

He couldn't control his urges and started flirting between her lips with his fingertips. Infuriating every inch of her sensitivity.

With his touch, she slightly woke up and screamed.

"Who the hell are you?" her words are more like whimpers

He came out of his trance with her whimpers.

She is your enemy! his brain scowls at him

He grabbed her from her neck in rage.

"Aaahhh,...leave me!"

Her words didn’t affect me at all. She is getting a bit conscious, looks dizzy but the drug reaction was unbearable to her, he knows. He slowly caressed her soft cheeks with my knuckles. She is now subconscious and can feel his touch on her skin "No!" She whimpered But she moans again with his cold finger touching her soft spots. He groaned gripping her tightly.

He turned and put her on her chest for a while just to soak her in and he felt a strange calmness. The calmness he longed for since eternity. He closed his eyes taking her scent and his father’s painful screams echoed in his head. He threw her away on the floor. She tried hard to open her eyes to look at him and struggled to shake her head to wake herself. She tried very hard to get up. Before she could respond.

He furiously treads towards her and pinned her to the wall. He smirked looking at the beautiful face of the woman caged in front of him.

"SUGAR CANDY", He gave her a new name rolling his eyes all over her naked body.

"My... name... is Olivia." She hoarsely replied

"OOOH! you have the audacity to cut my words." He devilishly said

"Leave me!" she groggily yelled. "I will leave you but not so easily!" He exclaimed tightly clenching her wrists.

"What you want?" she groaned and tried very hard to get out of his grip. He pushed her back to the wall and her back hit hard on the wall and she grunts in pain. His heart slightly twitched with her grunts but his brain keeps on reminding him of the motive behind his actions.

"THIS IS JUST THE START OF YOUR NIGHTMARE!" He yelled throwing her back on the bed and frustratedly walked out of the room.

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