2. Try your luck.


Next morning,

A maid came into the room with a tray of breakfast for Olivia. She put the tray on the side table and walked towards the floor-ceiling window and removed the curtains of the window,

Olivia woke up with the noise, her eyes were dazzled with the light, she involuntarily raised her hand to block her eyes.

"Good morning Miss", the maid looked at Olivia and greeted her,

"Who are you?"

" Where am I?"  she groggily asked with a heavy head.

"My head..aaahh..." She groaned holding her head and looked around.

She feeling some sourness in her body and a tinge of stiffness in her body are another question of concern to her.

She couldn't understand the changes in her body, so she tried to recall what happened to her? She just remembers that she went to a store, and the shopkeeper offered her candy as it was her birthday. She chewed that candy and after that, she blacked out.

"May I help you, Miss?" the maid politely asked.

"No," she perplexedly shouted.

Olivia looked at her body, shocked to see that she has no clothes on her.

A wave of panic went down her spine and she started screaming like crazy.

"Who are you guys? Where are my clothes? Who took off my clothes? Which is this place?"

She turns red with rage and attacks the maid with a pillow.

The maid defended herself, "Miss please calm down".she tried her level best to calm down Olivia.

Olivia jumped out of the bed, and took the metal vase from the shelf, and threw it towards the maid. The maid bent down to save herself.

The vase stopped in front of Marcus's face, who entered the room on hearing her screams.

The vase turned back to Olivia with the gesture of his eyes like a rocket, she turned aside to save her and the vase banging in the glass window shattered the glass around.

She closed her ears tightly in fear. She gave a flaming, robust glance to Marcus, who was standing at a distance with his arms close to his chest and nastily looking at her naked body with a smile and signalling the maid to get out of the room.

Olivia looked down at her naked body, hurriedly grabbed the bedsheet and wrapped the bed sheet around her in embarrassment.

He took a step forward to her.

"No, don't come to me, you rascal."

He ignored her words and continued moving to her, she looked back down the broken window, there was a deep, dense abyss.

 "If you didn't stop, I will jump out,"

 she warned him with a trembling voice, tears started welling up in her eyes and she tried her best to push them and a knot of her throat down looking at Marcus menacing towards her.

He paused, she again looked back down the valley with fear and turned back, her nose poke into his chest, her eyes widened and shocked to see him too close to her.

 "Why didn't you jump?” he scornfully asked, clenching her waist.

She tried hard to push him back, but he stood like a giant rock,

 "Who are you, creep?" She growled, grinned her teeth, and tried to get out of his grip.

"Don't change the topic now", he snorted with a devilish smirk creeping on his lips.

"Why do you bother your body? I will make it easy for you sugar candy" and he pushed her out of the window.

She started falling into the abyss, she screamed and tightly closed her eyes, she felt that she was going to die, Then suddenly she felt her movement stops, she opened her eyes and saw that she was swinging in the air, she did not fall into the ditch, she felt that she survived, she sighs.

With a second thought, her heart skipped a beat with panic. How is she swinging in the air without any support?

"Hey Sugar candy," He waved to her from the broken window.

She looked at his vicious face,

"Who are you?" " How did you do this to me?" She yelled swinging in the air, faking a sturdy look.

He raised his fingers and tossed her in the air, she shouted because of the force, tears were rolling out of her eyes, She was swinging in the air like a kite, She couldn't breathe because of the panic attack and she fainted hanging in the air.

He looked at her and pulled her back with a spell, and put her on the bed.

"Poor Girl," he muttered leaning over her, looked at her faint face

 "Why didn't you ask for mercy?" he asked in astonishment looking at her red tomato-like face,

"I want you to beg me", "I will make your life hell", ``You can't be so calm, wake up," he slapped her face and shouted angrily. He loses his temper when he recalls she is here for his revenge.

She slightly shook her head, his fingerprints were clearly visible on her white cheeks.

She murmured, "Who are you? you monster, monster leave me," her eyelids are trembling, her words are shaking in fear.

He slapped her again and grabbed her shoulders and shake her, "opens your eyes!", he shouted at her,

She tried hard to open her eyes, but she couldn't...

"Oh, what you think of yourself, you poor girl, this is just the start, You can't blackout so soon."

He jumped out of the bed, took a glass of water from the side table and sprinkled water on her face,

she blinked her eyes and gazed at him, she immediately sat up gasping and anxiously pulled her knees to her chest, tears streaming down her cheeks and her face turned white.

"Let me go, Why did you take me here?" she asked in a scared voice,

"I like your tone!" he smirked and sat close to her, A knot of fear went down her throat and her heart is beating furiously because of the fear,

Olivia saw his body getting close and close to her, she involuntarily tried to cover her body with the bedsheet. He snatched the bed sheet from her,

"You rogue", she screamed.

"Oh... really?" Marcus raised his lips tenderly,

"I will show you how a rogue behaves?"

Marcus removed his T-shirt and threw it away showing his solid defined, muscular physique.

The man muscular body covered the girl's delicate body shamelessly, his warm breath spelt on her sensitive neckline, the unfamiliar male scent that escaped from his breath parcelled her entirely,

The man's lips did not waver when he kissed the trembling cherry lips.

She pushed him back with force and tried to get up.

"Rascal," she screamed.

He again slammed her back on the bed, clenched her hands above her head, kissed her desperately. He showed aggression and a pull towards her.

Evenditely, he was also a virgin till last night, now the taste of women made him mad, he just wants her all the time.

"Please don't do this...hum, please, let me go...hmm", Olivia shook her head desperately and toughly heaved out each word. However, each word could only roll in her mouth. It seemed like a whisper, which constantly stimulated this man's sense of arousal.

Marcus held her cheek in one hand, holding her little head in place, and bit her lip as punishment, "you have to pay for his sin" He accentuated

"Please leave me," she pleaded.

He looked at her constant falling tears, and the strange feeling in his heart grew stronger and stronger. He loosened his restraints, turned over and got up,

"You are mine and you have to bear me willingly or unwillingly". He yelled and furiously walked out of the room.

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