3. Escape

He was coming out of the door and a hand-blocked his way.

"What are you doing, Marcus?" he turned to the voice of his twin brother Mars.

He shamelessly looked into his eyes.

"Don't you know what it is?" he rudely asked gawking his brows at Mars

 "WHO IS THAT GIRL? Mars yelled points his index fingers towards Olivia who is crying on the bed.

Marcus immediately closed the door.

"That's my revenge! None of your business!" he shouted.

"It's not an act of revenge, have you gone mad? she is innocent, you cannot punish her for the sins of others." Mars scowls.

"I want her to feel the pain the same way we lived our lives," Marcus ruthlessly replied

Mars wrapped his arm around Marcus’s shoulder and tried to calm down his anger,

"Brother, I understand your feelings, I also want him to pay for his sins, but not like this way, send this girl back to her house, she is innocent, Don't drag her it into it."

"No!" Marcus dismay shoving Mars’s hand from his shoulder.

"She is Olivia." He angrily pointed his finger towards the closed door,

" Daughter of King Cox, she must pay for the sins of her father, nobody can stop me from doing this, not even my brother." The fire of revenge was flaming in his eyes

Mars was about to say something, but he stopped him in the middle, "stay out of it, brother and this is not a request or advice, take this as my first and last warning, I never want you to spy here again and from now onwards, you better skip walking this aisle."

Marcus is blind in the rage of his revenge. Mars tried his best to stop Marcus but he was not even ready to listen on the contrary he warned Mars. “I also want to have revenge but not against humanity. Torturing some innocent girl for others sin is not what we learnt from our parents. I need to do something to save Marcus from committing some serious crime.” Mars thought

Heaving a deep sigh he left the corridor.

Inside the room, Olivia lying on the bed like a corpse, her face looks not less than a zombie with bruises all over her body, her white skin turned pale and she is starving.

A maid re-entered the room to help her, this time she did not rebel,

"Miss, May I help you clean yourself." The maid was also shocked to see the scratches and bruises on her body, the bruises on her body were telling the story of the humiliation,

she grabbed Olivia. supported her back, and gently took her to the bathroom, put her in a hot water jacuzzi, and with some herbs in the water to heal her body,

Olivia soaks into the hot bubble bath, her muscles begin to relax with the heat, her body's sourness fades away, she wants to soak herself deep more and more into the water and slide down into the tub of water, the maid promptly caught her, as Olivia was about to drown herself in that huge tub.

"Be careful miss,"

 "I'm fine," Olivia replied.

After half an hour, the maid took her out of the water and wrapped her in the bathrobe,

she helped Olivia come out of the bathroom put her on the couch and placed her foot on a soft cushion, "Miss please have something to eat," she offered a tray of fruit and vegetable porridge to her,

Olivia refuses to eat.

"Miss, I request you. you look very pale and tired, please eat something."  She politely requested her

"I said No! No! No!" Olivia shouted.

The maid got scared and thought that Olivia would attack her again, she still stood firmly there,

"Miss, I regret to say, if you don't eat, Master Marcus, will punish both of us."

Olivia trembled in fear, "Is he Marcus?" her words trembled,

"Yes, Miss, he is master Marcus."

"Master?? Why do you call that demon master?" she surprisedly asked.

"Miss, please have some porridge," she ignored Olivia's question and gave her a bowl of porridge,

The smell of food watered her mouth, she did not refuse this time and started eating slowly with a spoon,

She eats peacefully wondering what is happening to her? Marcus's words are echoing in her head, revenge, pay for his sins, whose sin he is talking about? why will I pay for others sins? she asked herself,

She wonders and could not understand why she was kidnapped, punished and imprisoned in a luxurious room.

She finished eating porridge, looking at her empty bowl the maid interrupts, "Miss, Would you like to have more porridge?"

She looked down at the empty bowl and said "no, I am done," the maid took the bowl from her, put it in the tray and went out of the room with the tray,

Olivia sighed as the maid walked out. Olivia was tired of pretending to be calm, but inside her head, she was trying to find a way to escape from here:

She walked towards the door and pushed the door slightly, to her surprise the door was not locked.

She peeked out the door

"No guards, unprofessional kidnappers," she said smiling.

She saw many criminal series in those series there always had several guards at the door of a captive.

She smiled and ran along the wide corridor. She saw the stairs and immediately ran down hurriedly. The stairs ended in a huge hall of that mansion, she looked around with surprise, such a grand hall, there was the main entrance in front of her, she escaped, passed by a beautiful golden main gate, much to her surprise that there is no guard to protect a billionaire, "Is he so strong or so stupid?" she thought that she succeeded running away.

Thinking that she should run away, she did not look back and ran into a dense forest surrounded by trees and wild bushes, after running for a mile, she stopped, look around gasping.

"Help ... someone, please help me, I'm stuck here,” she screamed for help, but no one is there, she ran to find the way again, she keeps on running, after running for several miles she leaned her back on a tree and slide down tiredly, gasping, her eyes landed on her injured barefoot. This reminded her, that she forgets to put on any sleeper and run out in a bathrobe only, tears streaming down her eyes.

She looked at the loud sun, and her vision blurred and she blackout because of injuries, thrust and hunger. 

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