4.Severely Injured

After that, a black Porsche stopped near her and a well-built man in black came out of the car and took her away.

Passing through the woods, the car went back in the same direction and entered the Golden Gate. The driver stopped the car near the main gate of the mansion. The tall man in black came out of the car, holding Olivia in his arms and stepped into the mansion,

Marcus was standing on the first floor and seeing the man carrying Olivia in his arms, her face touching his chest and his hands clutching her chest and legs, Marcus's face turned red, with the snap of his fingers he reaches the man and grabbed Olivia from his hand and carefully put her on the sofa.

"Master, the lady, is severely injured", The man said pointing at her legs. He is Tom the main guard of Marcus,

Marcus turned his eyes on to her, rolling his eyes on her he noticed her pale face, and she has scratches all over her body because of the thorns of the forest, blisters broke out of her sol, and the rocks badly injured her feet, she looks like a mess. His heartache looking at her injured body and blood all over her body.

"Call Mars, inform him it’s an emergency," he screamed at Tom,

Mars is a qualified doctor and runs a charitable hospital down the valley and has a small emergency hospital in the basement of the villa. He has his own laboratory where they invent and produce effective and affordable medicines.

Tom called the basement and asked for Mars.

 After 5 minutes, a senior doctor in a white lab coat came out of the elevator with his assistant holding the first aid kit, both came to Marcus and bowed him with respect, "How can I help you, Master Marcus?" The doctor asked politely,

"Where is Mars?" Marcus grinned his teeth.

"I regret to say, as it is Sunday Master Mars has gone down to the valley charitable hospital to treat the poor." The assistant calmly replied,

"Shut up, don't waste time just treat her in the best possible way," Marcus ordered the doctor raising his hand towards Olivia who is lying faintly on the sofa, Marcus is not interested in listening to any excuse.

The assistant put the First Aid kit on the table and opened it, the doctor checked her heart rate with a stethoscope and then checked her blood pressure, the assistant started giving her the first aid, he picks the cotton gauge dipped in the antiseptic liquid and started cleaning her wounds. As he touched the gauge on her skin,

"Aahhhh!” Marcus mumbled, "Be gentle to her, you idiot," Marcus flickered,

"Yes, Master," Assistant Lynn said politely glancing at his face,

Marcus' eyes were rolling with each move of the doctor's hand on Olivia's body, he is actually feeling her pain which is a weird feeling for him, he never felt such pain before, He tightly clenched his hands into a fist.

"Where did you find her?” “Who is she?" The senior doctor asked while injecting her an injection.

"The security guard found her injured in the woods." Tom quickly answered looking at the angry face of Marcus,

"Master, please have a seat." Tom raised his hand towards the sofa, Marcus sat on the front sofa with his arms close to his chest, continuously staring at Olivia with a pained look.

The doctor took an hour to give her the first Aid. Her wounds are now properly cleaned and bandaged wrapped around her feet and arms, bruises marks were visible on her skin. The doctor was about to open her bathrobe.

"Stop," Marcus shouted and shoved his hand from her bathrobe belt,

 "What the hell are you doing to her?" Marcus anxiously asked.

"Master, I am just examining, if she has more wounds under her clothes," The doctor said,

"No, I already checked that!” he hoarsely exclaimed

"Okay, then it's fine, Master, she is severely injured, I regret to say, her wounds are intense and will take 3-4 days for her to stand back on her feet, and she has a hairline fracture on her right wrist. She needs proper care and rest. I am afraid that she might have an encounter with a wild animal in the woods and fearfully she ran on the rocks barefoot. She seems in a state of hysterical trauma. She actually needs 24/7 care. I injected her painkiller and a tetanus injection. She will be awake by morning." The doctor professionally explained.

"If you permit, I would like her to be under observation and want to shift her to the basement hospital." Marcus listened to him carefully and turned to look at Olivia. She is lying wrapped in bandages, like a half mummy, he felt pitiful,

"Whatever set up you need for her, you can have all that in the mansion, she will not shift anywhere," he uneasily said

"As you say, master," The doctor nodded and bowed him,

"Next time send a female doctor," Marcus wrathfully ordered the doctor who was about to leave,

The doctor gave a surprising look at Marcus. "I just asked for the dignity of a girl!" Marcus exclaimed.

"Sure master," Doctor replied respectfully,

Lynn collected all the medical equipment, packed his first aid kit and both moved to the elevator,

Marcus took Olivia in his arms and teleported themselves to the bedroom.

He carefully put her on the bed, supported her fractured arm with a soft cushion, put a pillow under her head and covered her with a thin blanket, as it is a bit cold during the night at the cliff.

"How could she be so fragile?" he asked himself, glancing at her scratched face,

Mars's words echoed in his head, she is innocent, right now looking at her he also felt like she is actually innocent as it's been two days, he has kidnapped her, but nobody came out to look for her, How can her family be so heartless with her?

he frowned and sat on a chair looking out of the window. The darkness of night clenched in his heart.

Now the luxurious room looks like an emergency ward of a hospital, which has all the medical equipment. Doctors do the setup, and the nurse was watching Olivia's recovery consistently, she has also cleaned Olivia's body and put her in clean clothes.

In the middle of the night, Marcus was still sitting by the window looking at her in that position, the moon was in a string, and the light was enough for him to see her face clearly.

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