5. Hypocrite

The moment she opened her eyes, he rushed over and stood by the bed.

"Sugar candy?" He looked down at her, still smiling with care and joy that had never been before.

Olivia stared blankly at him for a long time seemingly struggling to remember something.

"Oh? don't pretend you have a memory loss?" he laughed

"Welcome back."

"How can I forget a demon?" Olivia scoffed  

"Aoouch!" she groaned.

she pressed her fractured wrist while trying to sit,

He grabbed her softly from her shoulder and help her sit, put two soft pillows behind her to support her back.

The nurse came forward to her and checked Olivia's heart rate and blood pressure, "She is fine now." the nurse said to Marcus,

He sighed and raised his hand and the nurse left the room.

Olivia was shocked to see her injuries, When did she get so many wounds? she looked lost.

Marcus sits near to her and looking at he

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