6. Shocked

A nurse entered Olivia's room and tried to calm her down and injected her sedative so that she can sleep and rest. She is very weak and needs rest for faster recovery.

On the other side

Marcus entered his room writhing in anger, slam the door and punch the wall so hard that his knuckles started bleeding. He leaned his forehead on the wall and a tear rolled out of his eyes and fell to the ground.

"It's good that you released your mistake," Mars taunted, sitting on the sofa sipping his coffee,

Marcus surprisingly looked back at him, "What do mean, Mars?" Marcus pretends to be calm.

Mars put his coffee mug on the table and walked towards the cabinet, took out the first aid kit from the cabinet and moved towards Marcus. He grabbed his hand and cleaned the wound and applied an ointment on his hand,

"We are twins and don't forget that we can sense each other p

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