8. The Golden Box

Fin opened the conference hall door for Marcus.

"Master, Mr. Wright is here," Fin informed.

Marcus put the phone down on the table and take his seat,

"Be seated Mr. Wright," Marcus ruthlessly said without even looking at Tyrant who stood in respect to bow him,

meeting started...

In Smith's Mansion,

Olivia peacefully had her breakfast, Charity fed her spoon by spoon and Alice kept smiling looking at her,

"Would you like to have something to eat Alice?" Olivia asked.

"No, I already had my breakfast," she evitable answered.

"Oh really?" Olivia confirmed looking at her innocent eyes,

The nurse came in for a routine checkup and to change Olivia's bandages and the nurse asked Charity and Alice to leave,

Alice hesitated to go out, "Mom I want to stay with Olivia, she needs me," She innocently said,

"No doll, she doesn't need you, let the nurse check her up and we will come back after a while,”

"Olivia, shall I go?" she asked worriedly.

Looking at t
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