9.Identical Twins

"What about Mars?" he impatiently asked raising his eyebrows.

Master Mars organised a free health checkup in that orphanage last month and he personally stays there for a day, but nothing suspicious about him, he professionally spends his time treating the orphan children.

"Did he encounter Olivia there?" Marcus obstructingly asked.

"Master, Nobody was sure about that as Master Mars interacts with everyone might that includes Olivia as well", Cameron said lowering his head in fear,

"Hmm... You did a great job," Cameron.

Marcus appreciated the information and was still thinking of Mars ideology behind the medical camp

He gestured to Cameron, to leave and "keep your eyes on that orphanage," he hoarsely ordered him, Cameron obediently nodded and went out of the door and disappeared.

Marcus sighed leaning on his chair and closed his eyes calmly thinking of Olivia,

In Smith Mansion,

In the span of two

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