10. Kill me

Olivia heaved a sigh leaning back to the closed door,

She then looked down at Alice who still looks frightened. Olivia rubbed Alice blonde curls and tries to soothe the little girl,

She took her to the sofa and sat with her,

"Ooh, Alice, your doll is so beautiful," She said pouting trying to divert Alice’s attention,

"Is she?" Alice asked looking at the doll...

"Ok let's give her name,” Olivia demanded taking the doll from Alice's hand,

Alice tapping her small fingers on her chin thinking and glancing at the doll,

"I can't think of any name, I don't know any good girlish name.” Alice angrily stomping her foot on the floor

"Okay okay, don't worry, Mars gave you this doll and I will give her a name, So she will become a mutual gift of your BFFs!"...Olivia soothe her anger, kids are so pure that can be moulde
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