42. Heartbreaking

In the evening Marcus and Dyna came back home.

everyone was enjoying their evening tea in the garden.

Dyna deliberately pretends to fall and Marcus held from her waist preventing her to fall.

which Olivia saw and her heart twitched with the scene.

sadness pondered in her eyes.

Mars who sitting beside Olivia was also in shock, but he couldn't react and patted Olivia's hand ."Don't happens," he whispered trying to console Olivia

"Hmm," Olivia controlled her emotions and casually kept sipping her tea ignoring Marcus.

Dyna understood Olivia jealousy and she deliberately links her arms with Marcus.

"Hello everyone." Marcus greeted.

"Hey, Dyna so how was your date with my son?" Vincent chuckled

On hearing that...Mars coughed spitting his tea."Date?" He screamed ...

Olivia patted his back..." don't worry, It happens,"

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