44. Ready

Zenia and Mars are very happy about Olivia and Marcus’s patch up.



"let's go for a walk. I also want to spend some time talking to you." Mars said.

"Sure...I would love that...It's been so long we haven't spent time together." She asked.

"True!" Both walked to the garden for a walk.

"Zenia, there are lot many questions bombarding in my head since Dyna came in." Mars seriously said.

"I can understand your curiosity, Mars." Zenia politely replied

"Dyna is still not aware of dad and Uncle Richard's presence in the Sea Kingdom and moreover she only knows me as her second cousin as I King Zohan introduced us."

"She never bothers to enquire more about that and now I introduced Olivia as my sister and Queen Vincent as her foster mother, which she didn't consider interested, her only focus to be here is Marcus and she will only and only try to get his love and later marrying him."


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