47.Lucifer's Mourn


"Lucifer's growled at the crowd 

Marcus and all others are busy celebrating their victory

Suddenly his growling turned into a demonic laugh.

Everyone stopped giggling and was stunned to see Lucifer laughing.

People thought he lost his mental stability in shock.

Dyna devilishly smirking wiping her tears.

All of a sudden strong winds starting blowing, black clouds, darkening the ambience,

Everyone panicked, winds turned into storms getting stronger and stronger.

Everything started falling here and there, giggles turned into screams, people trembled couldn't able balance falling on the floors.

Mars and Zenia crawled to Henry to save him,

Marcus tightly held Richard preventing him to fall,

Olivia and Lily couldn't balance themselves and fall down from the huge stage.

both got injur

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