48. Game Changed

All the dragon soldiers were taking the captives to the prison and Draco, Lucifer was laughing looking at their miserable condition.

Dyna was about to take Marcus to her room,

Three lighting tornadoes appear on the stage randomly attacking the dragons with their spell, thousands of flashes of lighting hitting and killing the dragons.

Draco and Lucifers frowned at the unexpected attack.

Lucifer's counter-attack at one of the tornados but his spell didn't work.

Dyna jerked with the attack, Marcus immediately snatched Dyna's wand and broke it into pieces.

All dragons soldiers started falling to the ground because of the powerful attack.

Draco panicked looking around his defeating army,


A loud voice echoed.

One of the tornadoes changed to Queen Vincent while the other two tornadoes kept attacking the leftover dragons.

Before Draco and other dragons could stabilize.

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