49. Happily Ever After

All of them appeared in the water palace.

Everyone was happy and relaxed.

Lucifer was somehow sad, but later he also calms down.

Marcus, Mars and Richard were injured in the war. Lord Reece healed their wounds with his magical spell powers.

Everyone freshens up.

Zohan called everyone for a small celebration and ordered his staff to start serving beverages and snacks to all of them. The situation changed from an intense situation to a beautiful peaceful family party.

Happy faces, giggles and celebrations.

"Mom, You did a fab job today!" Marcus said raising his wine glass.

"Thanks, son." She replied

"Marcus, you should learn some lessons from this!" Vincent exclaimed.

"I mean, you shouldn't underestimate your enemies strength."

"Yes, mom, you said it right," Marcus said.

She continued "You didn't think about Plan B."

"Apparently Draco was

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