Chapter- 2.

Samaira's POV :

"Bhai when you will come....?"

"Can you both just shut the hell up...."

As soon as I listen this voice from a very handsome man, I quickly shut my mouth as fast as I can.

"Wait, why I am even complimenting him?" I thought to my self.

I saw that man coming towards my direction. I just ignored it and  started thinking why Bhai is taking so much time to arrive.

"Excuse me...."

I heard someone's voice and the chain of my thoughts broke down instantly.

I look up and my eyes met with the most beautiful chocolate brown eyes, which were already staring at me very intensely.

I felt like he was trying to figure out the web of my mind.

Not able to look into those ocean deep eyes, I averted my gaze from him, and looked confusingly to the person, who was speaking to me.

"Miss can you plz give us some space to move"

Said the man from behind the man who was staring at me intensely.

"Can't they go from another side....?" I thought to myself.

But nontheless, without saying anything, I moved aside and give them space to move.

Just as I moved aside, I saw Bhai was coming from inside.

I literally shouted in a very high pitch voice, out of excitement and happiness and directly run towards him, and engulfed him in a very tight warm hug .

Bhai also return my hug with same warmth, and I feel him kissing on my hair.

"Bhai that's not fair.

You really made me wait for a very long time"

After parting from him, I said and pouted .

Seeing my childish behavior, bhai chuckled and seeing him like this, my pout converted into a smile itself.

"Ohh.....!! so my baccha(child) is angry with me.

Hmm.... So now tell me, ki apki mafi k liye mujhe Kya krna hoga?"

(So now tell me, what I have to do  to earn your forgiveness?)

Bhai asked me like I am a 5 years old kid

I put my index finger on my chin and act to look serious.

"Ok so promise me that you will celebrate Diwali with us this time" I said and looked at him expectantly.

" Hmm.... so you want me to celebrate Diwali, still knowing the fact that sound of crackers sucks me...."

He said while scrunching his nose, making weird face.

Watching his expressions I started giggling and said "promise karo wrna mafi toh bhul hi jao.. .."

(Promise me or forget the forgiveness.)

"Ok baba promise, this time I will celebrate Diwali with you guys." he made the promise, making me smile widely.

I smiled and we both made our way out of the airport and we saw that it was raining cats and dog .

Amazing na (note the sarcasm).


Advay's POV :

Ignoring the people around me , me and my PA were making our way towards the exit of the airport, when I saw that the girl was standing in the middle of our way .

What she is thinking that she is so lost in her own thoughts?

"Why do you care?" Asked my devil conscience.

We were standing in front of her but still she didn't sense our presence near her.

Then my PA speak to her and our eyes met . Her beautiful big doe eyes were shining.

I was trying to read her eyes which became a task for me . Well still I was enjoying my self .

Ahhh.. I think my happiness was not seen by her, as suddenly she move her gaze away from me to my PA.

We were carrying big luggages which needs space to move, so my PA told her to move aside and she did as said.

Just as I was taking a step, suddenly she shouted making me jump on PA . well that was very embracing.

I cleared my throat and straightened myself . I turned around to see why she shouted, and saw that she was hugging a guy who does not have good physic as me.

Ok ok he has a quit ....fineee..... He has really good physic.

I felt something got heavy inside me which I don't know why.

I was looking at them and saw that the man kissed on the top of her head .

I don'r know why, but I was not very happy with the scene playing in front of me.

So when I was turning away from them , just then my eyes fell on the milky white skin of her waist. Which was visible bocoz of her hug. As her kurta has slightly lifted up and my eyes stucked on it.

Believe me guys, I don't want to look at that but my eyes were not listening to me .

And my pervert eyes started traveling through out her body.

All the curves of her body are at their right places and her......

"Uhmmm uhmm......" I heard someone clearing thier throat, and I come out off from my lala land.

It was non other than my PA, who had cleared his throat.

Understanding the meaning of it, I turned around with much difficulty and we bothmade our way towards the exit .

We were waiting for my car to arrive, as it was raining heavily.

I sense someone's presence besides me, and it was non other than the girl and the guy.

"Did I tell you before that you are looking beautiful." I heard that guy complementing her.

" Thanks , well I wear this becoz I know you like this color on me" she said shyly.

And guys let me tell you, this made my blood boil in anger .

Ohhhh God.....!! waht is happening to me?

I never reacted like this before.

Suddenly my phone started ringing, and it was call from dad.

"Yes dad..... "

"Sorry beta due to heavy rain we are stuck in the middle.

I think it will take 20-30 min more to reach there."

"It's alright dad I will wait, you plz drive safely." I assured him, and bid my bye to dad and we cut the call.

"........then I will set up my own business here, but before that I have to meet some investors."

I heard that guy saying as I missed their previous conversation, becoz I was talking to dad.

"Bhai I believe you, and of course any inverstor will definitely invest on your project as I know you must have a great idea" she said him in an assuring tone.

Ohh so he wants to set....wait...! what.....?

Did she just called him Bhai? .

They are siblings?

But they definately don't look like one...

Pikka p pikka

chuu.. pika pikka pika chuu ......

I heard this song and got to know that it's her mobile Ring tone .

I mean, who keeps this childish ring tone and who see pikka chu now.

Literally I had completely forgotten about this cartoon, as I used to see it when I was a kid.

Man.....!! She is supprising me in every passing second.

She is something God....!!

She excused herself to take the call.

And without wasting any second, I took my chance and approach that guy.

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