Chapter- 5.

Author's POV:

"Ji chachi, mai ker doongi, aap chinta mt kigea....... Byyy chachi(aunt) have fun."

(okk aunt I will do that, you don't worry... Bye)

Samaira said to her aunt as her aunt told her to complete the laundry work over the call.

"Dadi (grand ma) here, I have kept your medicine and your herbal tea. Don't forget to take it." Samaira informed her Dadi while keeping all these stuffs on the night stand.

"I am going to clean the house for diwali. As you see, diwali is after 2 days and still I haven't clean any corner of the house." She said to Dadi worriedly.

"Ohh child, I wish I could help you.

You know, I am very ashamed of myself becoz, if I have given my son good morals, then you will not be suffering like this." Dadi (grandma) said with tears welled eyes.

"But don't worry Sama, I have faith in my God. He is watching every thing from heaven.

And I know the day is not far when you will be welcoming the happiness of your life.

You will soon get the life you deserve beta." Dadi said with sweet genuine smile on her face.

"Ohh dadi.... I love you. I love you the most, you know naa...?" Samaira said while hugging dadi along with tears in her eyes.

After their emotional encounter Samaira started her task of cleaning the house.

On the other side Advay introduced himself in his new office, as it is last day of his colleagues before the starting of weekends for diwali festival.

After the introduction session he got busy in his work.

Advay is a very strict and punctual person when it comes to work.

He sometimes become very much arrogant and never sees who is in front of him and snap at them at the very same time, if they have done any mistake.

There was a knock on his door which made him to come out from his work.

"Come in." He said in a bossy manner.

A peon in his 60's came with a duster and a mop.

"What is all this?" Advay asked in a polite tone, as the peon was very much older than him.

"Sahab, woo 2 din baad diwali hh Na, toh usi ki safai krni thi."

(Sir actually diwali is after 2days, so I have to clean the cabin.)

Said the peon.

"Okk, but plz come after 1hr becoz now I am worki......... " His mother cut him in the middle

"No Advay, now you have done enough work for today.

Now let's go, we have to do shopping for diwali preparation. As this is your first diwali after you come back from Scotland."

His mother said in a stern voice.

"But mom....."

"No means no Aadoo....." his mother said sternly while his father chuckled.

"Okk mam. Your wish my command." Advay said surrendering his hands up in the air.

They all smiled and left for diwali shopping.


Rishi's POV:

I choose a parrot green plane cotton shirt with white denim jeans. I combed my hair and sprayed my regular perfume and got ready for today's dinner.

I was on my way towards Sama's house, as we will leave together for the dinner.

I stopped my car in front of a sweet shop to buy some sweets for dadi as she love sweets.

I paid my bill for sweets and just as I turned I bumped into someone.

"Bloody hell, can't you see?" Yelled a very beautiful girl on me, and I smiled seeing her out burst.

Well, she was looking very cute.....

"Oooooo..... Hlw.


I am talking to you Mr...."

"And why are you smiling like a fool?

What is here to smile huh....?"

She asked with narrowed eyes.

"Well I am smiling on your stupidity, becoz let me tell you miss, I was the one who was paying the bill, but you......

You are the one who is standing close to me. Not even giving me a little space so that I can move.

Okk, I know I am handsome, but it doesn't means that you will take advantage of this." I said to her mischievously with a smirk on my face.


Who told you , you are handsome?

Come back to reality Mr." Now this time she said with full attitude with smirk on her plumpy lips.

"And if you will keep standing here for such a long time, so when will others get the chance, huh?" she asked in her shrill voice.

"Anyways, I don't want to waste my time on arguing with you, If you are done, then move." she said irritatingly this time.

"So who is dying to listen you ear piercing voice?" I also snapped with equal attitude.

But still I want to fight with her more. I was having fun to irritate her.

When I was on exit, I turned back to see her expressions one last time, and found that she was already staring at me with full rage in her eyes with her hands on her hips.

I chuckled watching her reaction.

I like her feisty attitude with childish behavior, and not to forget her reactions.

mashallah....! !

I find her different from any one else.

Soon I shrugged the thought and drove towards Mehra's residence.


Samaira's POV:

After completing the cleaning of the whole house I was resting in my room.

"Pheeee.. Pheeee... "

As soon as I heard the sound of the horn of car, I knew it who has arrived.

"Ohh shit....!!

I completely forgot about it." I mumbled to my self and run towards the main door before he use the doorbell.

"My god...!

why you didn't got ready yet?" Bhai asked.

"Wait. Don't tell me you forgot about this." Bhai answered to his own question before I could.

"Ummm... Actually no.

I didn't forgot about this.

Umm... I was just busy." I lied to him looking anywhere but him.

"Don't lie to me baccha, becoz you are a terrible liar." Bhai said while sitting on the couch in the living room with narrowed eyes.

I knew it I cannot lie to him anymore so I just smile speeachly.

"Just give me 20 mins." I said with puppy dog eyes.

"Kya hoga iss ladki ka?"

(what will happen to this girl?) Bhai muttered under his breath but still I heard it.

"Just 20 mins, not a sec more than this." He said with stern face while I just rolled my eyes.

"I am in dadi's room. Call me when you got ready." Bhai said and I just nodded my head.

I made my way towards my room while debating with my self what to wear.

Becoz of lack of time I quickly choose a plane black anarkali dress.

I clutched my hair after parting it from middle. Then applied a little moisturizer, strok my eyes with eyeliner and then I applied maroon lipstick with it.

I wore my heels and move towards dadi's room after taking my phone.

I heard dadi's and bahi laughter.

"Why you guys are laughing?

Tell me also." I said while entering inside the room.

Both of them look in my direction and and stopped laughing.

"My god....!! Beta you are looking very beautiful." dadi complemented me after a good minute in silence, and I hugged her with small thanks.

"No she is not looking beautiful." Bhai said and me and dadi both looked at him shocked.

"Wow.. Wow..... Ladies.

Don't give me those looks, and let me complete."

"Yes it's true that she is not looking beautiful.... Becoz you are looking heavenly gorgeous baccha. " Bhai complemented me, while dadi chuckled and I released a sigh of relief and muttered 'thx' shyly.

"Dadi we will be back within an hour. I have kept the water on night stand. And here take this milk." I told dadi while handling her turmeric milk.

"Okk baccha let's go." Bhai said and hugged dadi.

"Don't you dare to enter inside the house before 2 or 3 hours.

If I found you before it, then you both have to face consequences."

Dadi warned us in a serious tone, while me and bhai shared a scared look.

While shooking our head we made our way out from the house and settled in the car, and drove towards our destination.

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