Chapter- 6.

Advay's POV :

For almost 15 mins I am searching a proper cloth in my closet for today's dinner, only in a towel around my waist.

"The black one will look good or the white one will look good?"

I murmured to my self while looking in the mirror, while holding a white shirt in my one hand and a back shirt in my other hand.

Finally after a good war in my mind about clothing, I choose the black shirt with dark blue denim jeans.

I perfectly comb my hair after blow drying it.

Spraying good amount of perfume which I have exclusively brought from Paris, I collect all my important stuffs, and I get all ready for tonight.

"Beta(child) are you going somewhere?" dad asked me just as I enter in the living hall.

Before I could say anything, mom came from the kitchen with two cups of tea in a tray.

I move forward towards mom, and took the tray from her and  put it on the table while mom continued.

"Can't You just keep quite.

If he got ready, so it definitely means that he is going somewhere." mom snapped at dad and he just pouted.

"Its okk shona, you go and enjoy your self. And yes let me tell you, you are looking very handsome."

Mom complemented me while I smiled and I kissed her both cheeks and said thanks.

"Handsome toh hoga hii, aakhirkaar beta apne baap pr Jo gaya hh."

(he will be handsome afterall ,he has gone on his father)

Dad said proudly to which mom started laughing loudly, like dad had just cracked a very funny joke.

I was looking at mom to dad and dad to mom, while standing there like a statue on my place.

Dad's looked offended at this, as his face become red out of anger, and this time he snapped at mom.

"Why are you laughing like a mad woman?

What is here to laugh?" dad asked mom while gritting his teeth.

"I am laughing becoz, mistakenly I heard you saying that Advay's handsome-ness has gone on you." Mom said still giggling.

"You didn't heard anything mistakenly.

I have said all these thing, which is a universal truth." dad said irritatingly.

"Ohh so you are saying that, you were handsome as Advay, in his age, right....?

Okk, so let tell you shona, he used to look like a poopat(the person who is simple more than needed) " mom said still laughingly and continued.

"He used to keep his hair completely flat using water and comb, and he-he used to wear shirt with buttoned up till his collar."

Mom said very difficulty, as she was struggling to control her laughter and continued.

"And it is not completed yet." mom said this looking at dad mischievously While dad was glaring at her.

"And He-he Always used to use fair and lovely cream for his face , and mummy ji (mother in law) use to put a blak dot behind his ear till our marriage whenever he goes outside.

And onetimes she suggested me also to do the same."

mom said laughing continuously and this time I also joined mom.

Dad face become red again but this time out of embarrassment I guess.

"Its me who changed him gradually." mom said to which I hugged dad while saying

"you were so cute dad."

"Uhmm... Uhmmm... " Dad cleared his throat after we broke from the hug, and gave me a small heart attack.

"Beta (child) I think you should leave now as I can say, you must be getting late."

Ohh shit.....

I almost forgot about this in between all these things.

"Okk mom-dad. Now I am leaving.

And yeah, I'll be doing my dinner with my friends." I informed them and hugged both of my patents.

I jumped in to BMW and drove towards my destination.





For almost 20 mins I am waiting for them to arrive, but still there is no sight of them.

As I was about to call Rishi, when a white SUV halt in front of the restaurant. Somehow I was expecting them to come out from it, and I was right.

First Rishi came out from the driver's seat and move towards the passenger seat, but to his bad luck, it opened before he could.

I wanted to laugh at this but my laughter died after she came out from it gracefully.

My heart started beating faster than ever.

She was looking breathe taking in her plane black dress, and I was very much happy to see that we both were wearing same color.

Rishi waved to me when they enter in the restaurant and they started coming towards me, and I also started moving towards them.

First me and Rishi greeted each other.

"I hope we didn't make you wait for too long." Rishi said genuinely.

At first I was bit angry on them for their unpunctuality, but after I saw her, all my anger left from the window.

Though my waiting is worth it.

"No, not at all. Actually I have also arrived just 5 minutes before." I replied to him politely and moved towards her.

"Hii Samaira, well lemme tell you, you are looking gorgeous." I complement her genuinely.

She smiled shyly and started blushing like tomato.

Yeah! Yeah!

She is blushing, she is blushing becoz of me.

It means...... It means I also have my effects on her. Yes!

I thought to my self and started grinning like a fool.

"Hii, Well You are also looking good." She also complimented my shyly. And this time I was on cloud nine.

How can my day become more good...?

After I said her a happy

'thank you', We trio move towards ours reserved seats.

First she take her seat, so that now she can see any person entering in the restaurant.

Rishi settled in the window seat beside her.

While I choose to sat on the window seat in front of Rishi.

So that, at least I can see her clearly and I can also discuss about business with Rishi properly.

So without wasting any second I took my seat.

Soon after some time a waiter approached us.

When I was about to place my order, I saw that the waiter was licking his lips while watching samaira.

I literally wanted to punch hard on his jaw.

Actually his eyes were fixed at a particular part on her body.

I followed his gaze and saw that, the strap of her red b*a was clearly visible, where as she is engrossed in her menu.

Without wasting any second, I stood up from my seat and stand up in front of her, facing the waiter, covering her completely.

I was glaring at him with my murderous eyes.

I kept my both hand in my pocket such a way, so that in the process some of her hair from her back, stuck in my elbow and came in front of her.

I turn my head to check my action got successful or not.

And yes, as always I got success.

My eyes meet hers, and I saw only innocence in them.

This make my situation more worse.

How dare he to see her in that way.

She is so naive that she didn't even notice Hungary gazes on her.

Well now he have to pay for this, and I will make sure of this.

I turn my gaze back to that bastard not before confirming again that she is completely decent now.

"You can leave, we will place our order after some time." I said to him in a calm and stern tone.

He gulped visibly and left while nodding his head.

"Umm..... Excuse me guys. I will be back in few minutes. Actually I have to make an important call." I excused my self from them and called my friend who is the owner of this restaurant.

I called Harsh Randhawa. The owner of this restaurant and one of my business partner.

I told him to fire that waiter as I know his name from the nameplate on his uniform.

I told him that he misbehaved with my companions.

He told me that my work will be done.

After taking few deep breaths, I returned back to my seat.

"Is everything is alright?" Rishi asked me.

"Yeah, actually I had to do a call, as it was kinda important." I told him the half truth.

I turned my gaze on her and find her already staring at me.

When our eyes met, I can clearly see redness occurring on her cheeks and I forget all my anger instantly.

I happily beamed her a smile and in return she also smiled at me shyly, getting more red.

Soon again a waiter came to us And we placed our orders.

I and Rishi were discussing about our business while eating.

And I must say, he really have great ideas. They were amazing.

I instantly made my mind to do business with him.

I was drinking my water, when my eyes fell on Samaira, and I saw that she is smiling broadly while looking at entrance.

Is there any man on entrance?

Is he more handsome than me?

Why she is smiling like this?

Are they gf-bf?

Thousands of thoughts started to come in my mind.

I fist my hand in a ball and waited for the person to come in front of me.

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