Chapter- 55.

Author's POV:

As far till now life is very beautiful for Samaira and Advay.

Samaira's dream to be loved immensely and having a loving family has been full filled long ago.

She is now 8 months and 26 days pregnant, as baby came come to this world anytime.

Right now it's pleasant evening and there Ira is sitting on the swing and is eating apple while her MIL is instructing something to their gardener, as Advay along with her FIL are in the office. 

Suddenly her smile vanished and the apple from her hand fell down as a sharp pain shoot in her stomach.

"Ahhh......." She screamed loudly and clutched the swing chain tightly.

"Sama beta.....(child)" her MIL shouted and ran to her.

"Ahhh......Mo-mom....ahh..." She again shouted and clutched her stomach as pain was unbearable.

"Sama, your water has broke .

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