"We're home."

Yura, who heard her little brother's voice from the door, immediately approached the two of them. She smiled gently.

"Welcome back!" She said while ruffling her brother's hair, "wait... Is this a plaster? Did you get hurt, Al?"

"I-I fell on the ground while playing with Tiara."

"Hm? Is it true, Ara?" She asked while looking at Tiara. The little girl nodded, justifying his words.

"You should be careful next time."

"I promise to be more careful, Yura."

"Good boy. Well, you two take a shower first before we get dinner."

They both walked to their rooms. Yura was busy cleaning the living room again. Not long after that, the doorbell rang.

"Yeah, wait a minute!"

Yura put down the cloth she was holding and opened the door. A woman in her thirties was standing at the door with a boy behind her.

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