"You fucking devil child!"

The woman's words kept popping up in Tiara's head. She hugged her knees tightly and buried her face in them. The sound of their laughter and when she punched the face of their leader who had beaten Aland. She remembered everything.

That time it wasn't the blood on her right hand that scared her. She felt like she enjoyed the frightened expression on the boy's face as well as the sensation when she hit the boy's face with her fist. It might be true if she was indeed a demon. She didn't deserve to be born into this world.

Raindrops began to fall from the sky. The boy with amber eyes ran while looking around. He paused for a moment and then shouted Tiara's name loudly.

'Where exactly did she go?' 

"Kim Tiara! Ara!" he shouted.

The rain was getting heavier than before. The girl walked with her head down. She didn't care anymore about

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