The sound of water drops entered my ears. Slowly I opened my eyes. I winced in pain while holding my head which still felt dizzy. I glanced around. Looks like I am trapped in a damp and dirty place, like a dungeon. The pungent smell of rotting corpses pierced my sense of smell. I could not see any further. It is dark. They only use a few torches as a means of lighting.

"What place is this?"

Suddenly I remembered the figure of the little boy who bumped into me this afternoon. I have to save that kid. Before that, I have to get out of this prison first. I stepped closer to the cell door, touching the iron bars in front of me. I pulled my hand away when my body was electrocuted.

"Think about finding another way to get out of here. Destroying this cell is too impossible."

There was the sound of approaching footsteps. Two men in black suits walked towards me. One of them took a small remote from h

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