"CAPTAIN, I'll go first. Honestly, I'm so tired," Claire complained to William, who was busy removing some things from the trunk of the car.

"Yes, I know. You can rest." 

Claire walked away. After unloading all the things, he closed the trunk of the car. William moved the items into his room. Then, he walked towards Tiara's room. He was about to ask for a report that she had been working on since this morning.

William knocked on the door in front of him quite loudly while calling her name. There was no answer from within.

"Is she asleep?" he muttered softly.

William slowly opened the wooden door and stepped inside. "It's so dark. Why doesn't she turn on the light?"


The dark brown irises widened when he didn't see her figure in the room. William runs fast to the bathroom. She is not there. William took out his phone, dialed Tiara's num

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