The boy quickly withdrew his hand, splitting the large man's body in front of him into two halves. The man's body fell in front of Tiara. Blood oozed out soaking the ground around them. The screams of the audience exploded when they saw the unexpected ending of the fight in front of them.

The man in the fancy suit up there looked panicked. He was about to leave his chair, but then he stopped. The boy was suddenly standing right in front of him.

"You want to run away, bastard?"

"Do not come closer!" threatened the man while pointing his gun at the boy with the black hair.

The boy walked casually closer to him ignoring the threat that the man had made. The women who accompanied him ran away screaming hysterically.


His irises widened when he saw the boy with the black hair caught the bullet with his bare hand. The man shot again. However, the

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