The beautiful woman with blonde hair gently ruffled his hair. Louis, who intended to protest against his mother's treatment, chose to remain silent when he saw the queen smiling softly.

"Take good care of her. I'm leaving."


A second later his mother disappeared from there. Louis walked to his room. He opened the door. The man with black hair glanced at the girl who was sleep on his bed. Tiara, who had only been pretending to be asleep, immediately opened her eyes when she felt someone climbing onto the bed. She looked to the other side. Her sapphire eyes met Louis's two dark obsidian.

“W-why are you here?!”


"Are you-"

Tiara's words were stopped because the man's right hand suddenly gripped her cheeks tightly. Louis' black onyx eyes glared at her.

"This is my room, idiot. You should be grateful cause I let you sleep her

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