Something that you think unimportant is not meaningless.

They only hides their sparkles from the others.



☘ ☘ ☘


I said to the man who just entered the café with a smile. There are those who reply me back. Some are just silent, but that’s how humans are. Each individual has its own uniqueness in expression. Don’t judge a book by its cover. No one knows. I work as a server at this café. Keep the cashier, deliver food to the costumer, also a cleaner. I love this job.

The tail of my eye caught the figure of a man with a golden hair who was sitting close to where I was. I sighed. He comes. Again. I don’t know what he really wants. He will sit in the same chair. He ordered coffee. No talk. The man just quietly enjoyed his coffee while occasionally paying attention to one server. Freaks. Is he— a stalker?

“Excuse me.”

I turned around. “Yes? Can I help you?”

‘Rule one; don’t daydream at work, Ara!’

“I want to pay our food,” the girl in the high school uniform gave me a food bond and a few pieces of money.

“Ah—yes. Thanks. Have a nice day.”

I grabbed my phone that was vibrating under the computer’s LCD. There’s an incoming call. I immediately shifted the button to the green area to receive that call.

“Yes, Master.”

“There’s a job for your team tonight. I’ll send the address by message.”

“Yes, Sir!”

Then, the call interrupted by the entry of a message from the caller. My finger automatically presses the message that appears on the notification screen. It’s contained the address of a well-known nightclub in the district and additional information of course. I resend that message to the team members. William and Claire. Five seconds later, they replied. I smiled to see Claire who gives me her thumbs up from a distance.

They cannot escape tonight.’


I rubbed my hand while blowing it slowly. I admit I love snow, but honestly, I don’t like the bone-piercing frigid atmosphere as it is now. I couldn’t stand the cold. They hide our base camp in the forest. Our base camp looks more like a rickety old house from the outside. Decorated with shrubs and vines, it has a haunted effect on some people. It is far from the crowds of human. People will think twice about getting in there.

Claire presses a small secret button next to the entrance. There’s an automatic system coming out of there.

“Enter your password ….”

She entered the password by pressing a few buttons on the side of the door. Her hands move quickly when pressing a button.

“Password corrected. Scan your body, Ma’am.”

A red laser beam scanned both of us from the ground up. If we don’t register as a member, the laser beam would crush us into smaller pieces. Seriously, its terrible security system.

“Welcome to base camp, Ma’am. Have a nice day!”

The multi-layered steel doors in front of us were open one by one. Then we got into it. The base camp looks different when compared to seen from the outside. From the inside base camp looks like a slightly classic luxury apartment with the dominant color black and white. This camouflage is William, our leader.

I lay down my body on to the maroon sofa over there. Claire sat next to me, picking up a magazine on the table. I changed positions, sitting next to her.

“Don’t you feel you’ve been being watched recently?” I asked curiously.

“What? Who’s watching?”

“The man with golden hair who our customers at the café.”

“Oh, I know.”

“Then, why did you let him?”

Her cheeks were a little flushed and took her eyes off me, “he’s my type.”

I’m lost for words. Turns out she likes that guy. It’s fitting that she’s just silent. She is complicates women.

I smiled mischievously, “So… he is attract you, hmm?”

“Um, that’s—“

Claire put down the magazine, “let’s make dinner before our mission. You must be hungry, right?”

“Tell me first, Claire. You like him, right? Your face is turning red.”

She cleared her throat softly. She immediately stood up and walked into the kitchen in a hurry. I know she intends to avoid my question earlier. I followed her to the kitchen.

“What are we going to cook tonight?”

Claire checked the refrigerator. Then, she took some fresh fish and vegetables.

“As usual, this is the only thing in the refrigerator. I forgot to shop. “


The three of us sat in a room circling around a wooden table. There’s only one light in this room. William pulled out a paper with a picture of a building plan.

“The place has a basement which used to store illegal human blood for vampires.” He moves his finger, “over there.”

I nodded.

A second later, he explained. “We’ve got to clean up all the vampires and get the wooden boxes in the basement.”

“What’s the thing in that box?”

“I don’t know but the master told us to take it,” He continued, “for this mission… Claire, it’s your job to go into the system control room and hack into all the passwords and CCTV cameras.”


“Ara, you’re monitoring the situation at the club.”

“I got it.”

“I’m going to go undercover as a worker there and go into the basement. All right, get your weapons ready. Gather in the basement. Eleven o’clock.”

“Yes, Sir!”

I got a simple but also dangerous position. Just imagine that almost all the visitors there are vampires. The cold-hearted bloodsucking creatures that regard humans as farm animals. They are the worst.

I took a black sleeveless shirt from the wardrobe and put it on. As usual, I braid my hair to the right. This will make it easier to move my body later. Finish. My hands grabbed a pair of swords I hung on the wall of the room.

This sword is my favorite weapon. Every vampire who gets hit by this sword, even if it’s just a slight scratch, he will immediately turn to ashes and they will not see this sword before I use it. Only the sword’s owner can see it.

“I think I need a gun too,” I murmured quietly.

I pulled my dressing-table drawer. There’s a lot of gun-type there. I took two different pistols and filled them with some ammunition, also small folding knife from the other drawer.

“Are you ready?”

I turned my head. Claire was already standing in the doorway. She looks sexy in his tight red sleeveless shirt. The lower part of the chest makes her cleavage slightly visible. Long hair flowing covered his long neck. Pretty. Sometimes I think, when I can have a sexy body like her.

“Wait a minute.”

I hide a pair of swords behind my back. Two pistols behind the pocket of the white blazer I wore. And the folding knife I tucked into my shoe. Perfect.

“Did you bring your crossbow, Claire?”

“Of course, yes.”

Claire also has special weapons given by the master. It has a useful crossbow in long-range attacks. William himself has a unique pistol. The bullets in them will never run out. So did Claire’s crossbow.

“Where’s our leader?”

“Will already waited in the basement. Come on.”


He was waiting in his silver sports car. We both went inside. The car drove slowly towards the garage door that was still closed.

“I’m a sexy man,” William said casually.

“Password accepted. The garage door will be open in two seconds.”

“2 …”

I chuckled at the password. It feels awkward if you praise yourself, don’t you? He squeaks, annoyed. Maybe he wouldn’t accept that I was laughing at him. The passwords at our base camp are too absurd. Even the odd password was different for the three of us. However, because of that I can remember all the passwords.

“1 ….”

The garage door opened. ”Good luck, Sir!”

Our car slowly climbs upwards with a length of about ten meters. After our car got out, the sloping road closed automatically.

“Claire, prepare your equipments.”

“Yes, captain. I’m working on it now,” said Claire as she kept busy with her mini laptop.

William Blackwood, his position as leader of this team. He’s the one who strategies and my partner in the fight against vampires. His smart brain always has unexpected ideas. He is also one of the best snipers in a hunter organization.

Claire Anderson, hacker and archer in our team. She’s the one who supports us fighting from behind the scenes. Her fighting ability is probably still under both of us. However, her archery skills and the girl’s speed at hacking into a system cannot be underestimate.

In my own position as a fighter, I have to fight, protect the members and our team’s defense. Strength, speed, and agility must be owned by a fighter.

“Ara, don’t let your guard down. They can jump out on you anytime.”

“Stop scaring me, Will. You should be careful.”

William scratched his head, “that’s right.”

“The system was activating.”

“Well, done.”

“Good Job!” I praised her.

“Okay, we’re almost there. Remember, each other’s work and stay watchful.”

“Yes, Sir.”

We installed a small remote communication device in the ear. I covered a small tool called an earpiece with a pretty large flower-shaped hairpin. William’s car stopped on the side of the road far from the club area we were about to enter.

“Check! H-06, can you hear me?” asked William while pressing a small button on the device.

“Yes, Captain. Hunt-06 is here.”

“H-04, can you hear my voice?”

“Yes. H-04 is here.”

Hunt 04 is my membership code.

“That’s good. H-06, start your mission first.”

“All right.”

Claire got out of the car while carrying a mini-sized flash drive that she hid in the back pocket of her jeans. She walked towards the quiet parking lot and approached the side of the club.

“The system control room on the third floor. Can you reach it?”

“Yes, Captain. No problem.”

Claire fired a gun toward the third floor. Not a bullet, but a small anchor with a long rope out of it. The anchor was firmly hooked up to the iron balcony on the third floor of the building. The girl pulls the trigger again, and she automatically climbs up.

“I’m here, Captain.”

“Do your job and H-04, you can come in now. You guys be careful.”


Even from this distance, I can smell their rot. What a sickened smell. My legs are stepping casually towards the entrance. The doorman in front of me turned out to be a vampire, too. I’m just smiling thin. The big guy watched me for a second. A second later, he let me in after check my fake ID. First obstacle, completed.

The sound of loud music immediately greeted me when entering the club that night. The smell of alcohol, smoke cigarettes, and the smell of a vampire filled the room made me a little queasy. If it wasn’t for the mission, I will not set foot in a place like this.

“Need help, Miss?” ask a servant of men.

“No. Thank you.”

I sat in one chair, in which there aren't any customers. On the table there is only the bottles that contains alcohol and wine high grade. My blue eyes observe the entire room. In the center of the room, many people at the same time the vampires are dancing on the dance floor.

Sexy girls with skimpy clothes scattered all around the club. There are the bartenders who are busy serving the customers, also many people making out session in the room's corner. Although I was already eighteen years old, but when faced with the scene of the indecent like this. It’s still just annoying.

“Do you want to order something?” ask a servant.

“No,” I replied without turning my head.

“You really don’t want to have an order, Darling?”

Damn. It's him. William looks handsome with a suit of servers with a tray in his right hand. Smile adorns the lips of the man. He is quite attract the attention of some women in the club.

He closer to my face. Then whispering quietly. “Calm down, Ara. They can be suspicious if you can’t adapt in with that expression.”

“What? Do I have to dance like a crazy person there and tempting men to get one night stand?”

“You think too much. I will punish you if you dare to do it.”

William keep his body. He returned the smile. I can see some of that sexy woman peeked at him. This man deliberately blinks his eyes in their direction. The woman was instantly nosebleed to see William's good looks.

“Damn! He’s fucking hot!”

“Babe, plz give me your number!”

Can I kick this guy’s face?’

“So, Miss ... What's your order?”

“Orange Juice.”

“Good. I’ve noted your order. Wait, a minute.”

Few minutes later, William returns with a tray containing a glass of orange juice in his hand. Then he went again. We are still waiting for the results of the Claire's work.

“Ok, Guys. I’ve finished,” said Claire.

I hear her voice breathed a sigh of relief. At least my suffering will end soon.

“Good to hear that. We move to the next plan,” said William.


Sometimes I suck my drink. I could feel the two dark aura that unusual in this place. Dark aura is so concentrated. I can’t even estimate how many lives they take in order to produce the powerful aura like this.

“H-04, down to the basement now! The captain seemed to need help.”

“I got it. I’ll be right there.”

I moved from my chair and walked towards the cellar. Several pairs of eyes looking at me hungrily. I can’t even differentiate between a man masher and a vampire here. They look same.

My step suddenly stopped when I saw two guards at the entrance of the warehouse. They stand in front of a door that’s staring at me sharply.

"Already found out, huh?"

I kept stepping casually approached the two of them. The canines appear in the corner of their lips. A hiss comes from the mouth of tall man.

I take off my white blazer that I wore, then throw it away carelessly. Then, my hand grabs a pair of sword of mine from the back.

“Let’s start our game.”

- Perfect Mate -

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