“Do you want a drink, Sir Louis~?”

“No,” I replied.

The seduction of those women makes me uncomfortable. I’m not interested. Even though they danced striptease in front of me, my face remained cold and flat like an iceberg hard to conquer. The reason I’m not interested is that they sell their body just for the sake of a piece of paper which called money. Humans are dumb.

“Do you want a drink, Evan?” asked the long hair woman next to Evan.

“Of course, Babe.” my brother replied.

The same is the case with Evan, who is so fond of women who have a pretty face with a sexy body that instantly makes his hormones rise. He hugged the women next to him several times. I frowned. Didn’t he realize that they were all used by men who visiting this club?

“Want more?”

“Yes. If it is an order from a beautiful woman like you. I must have drank it until it ran out.”

“Evan, you're a terrible liar~~”

“Seriously. I haven't met an angel in person like you.”


“You're my angel, Babe.”

That woman blushing so hard.

“You... Are you a newbie here?” he asked while holding red wine in that glass.

“Yes, I worked here yesterday.”

“Want to accompany me tonight?” whispers Evan seductively at the woman who blushes in shame.

The woman nodded slowly. Evan stood up and pulled the woman’s hand. I just glanced at him at a once. It doesn’t matter to me.

“I’ll go first, Louis.”


Evan and the woman walked to the second floor. A place where people would have eaten with each other’s one-night stand. They don’t realize the dangers that threaten themselves. She’s going to die tonight.

“Louis, don’t you want me to be with you, too? I guarantee you, I can satisfy you,” asked one woman who suddenly sneered in my arms.

What did she say? Satisfying? Is this woman kidding?

“I want to feel your touch. Come on.”

‘This bitch....’

The brunette woman tried to seduce me by deliberately sticking her oversized chest towards my arm. I pulled out the woman’s hand quickly. My right hand turned to grip the woman’s lower jaw, glare at her.

“It’s impossible. Even in your dreams,” I smiled a little, “stop teasing me. I don't interest in your disgusting body. Got it?”

The woman was still sculpting. She didn’t dare let out a single word. Her shoulders shaking. Her face turned pale. I terrified her.

“Hey, Anna. Are you okay?” her friend asked.

“I-I’m okay.”

“Are you sure? Your face is suddenly pale. Are you sick?”

“N-no. I’ll be back for a second.”

I returned to pour a little red wine into an empty glass on the table, then drank it. Bored. Furthermore, I got off the couch and walk away from where I was sitting. 

'What is this?'

I clot in the heart when I smell fresh blood. The scent of that blood is sweet. It's strange. I’m normally resistant to various scents of blood. But this time I lost. It doesn’t make sense.

I circulated a glance, looking for the owner of that seductive blood scent. I found it. The sweet smell came from a girl who is sitting alone drinking the juice that she ordered. A short grin appeared on my lips.

‘I’ve to get her.’

The girl was getting out of her chair. I raised my eyebrows, saw the girl with black hair walking towards the storage. It's weird. Just few humans know the direction to that place, other than the owner of the club of course, who is also a human being who becomes a slave vampire.

‘What does she want to do?’ 

I walked after her from behind. The vampires who saw my presence suddenly bowed their heads, saluting. I responded to them with a thin smile to sign that I had received greetings from them.

“Yours sincerely, Prince. Is there anything you want?” asked a pale-faced man in front of me.

“You can get on with your job. I’m hunting right now.”

“I’m sorry. I’ve interrupted, Prince Louis.”


I went back to follow the smell of the girl’s blood. My move suddenly stopped. The girl fights with two guards with only double swords in her hand. Once slashed, the two big-bodied vampires turn to ash.

When she opened the barn door, there were about ten vampires out of there. They hit the girl straight away. Nimbly, she jumps back and finishes the vampires at once with her swords. It stunned me to see her swordsmanship.

‘It’s interesting.’

I’m walking closer. She who realized my existence by quickly pointed her sword eyes towards my neck. She gave me a glare. I leaned my body slightly towards her smiling thinly, dismissively.

“Want to kill me?”


She’s still staring at me. Fearless. I could see her blue eyes shrouded in so much vengeance and hatred for bloodthirsty creatures like us. Her eyes look so beautiful but emit a murdering aura at the same time.

A second later, the girl attacked me with her sword. I dodged easily. She twisted and gave me a hard kick. She seemed annoyed to see her kick had no effect on me.

“Not bad.” 

A bit of playing with her, I don’t think it’s a problem. I took off the black suit I was wearing. Both of my dark obsidian turned golden brown. She’s getting wary. As fast as lightning, I pulled the girl’s right wrist and pulled her back. She moaned in pain when I twisted her wrist until there was a fracture there.

“Let her go!” exclaimed a man with dark brown hair while pointing his gun at me.

The man who I don’t know his name holds a gun in his hand. He looks angry when I underestimate his threats. My hand took over the sword in the girl’s hand and pointed the sword at her neck. 

“Shoot, and we’ll see who dies first.”

“You—I said let her go!"

“You think I’m kidding?”

The sword scratched the girl’s neck in front of me. A deep red liquid flows out of there. My eyes turned red in an instant. Both fangs came out of the corner of my lips. The smell of the girl’s blood almost got me out of control.

‘It’s the scent of her blood. Damn it.’

His brown eyes widened to see me completely hurting his partner. The man’s defense faltered. He looked at the girl anxiously. He slowly lowered his weapon. 

“What do you want?”

“Throw away your gun, and I’ll let her go.”

“Don’t believe this rotten vampire, Will! Damn. I’m going to kill you, asshole!”

I glanced at her, don’t understand about this girl’s thinking. Someone whose life is on the tip of the horn can still threaten to kill someone else. I almost laughed. I didn’t know the girl in front of me was really naïve or stupid.

“Okay. Keep your promise,” the man in front of me said, throwing his gun indiscriminately.

“Will! What are you—”

“That’s right decision.”

I took her hand off. Then walked away, leaving them both. Covered my face with my own hands. I laughed. It turns out that toying with humans like the two of them quite dispels the boredom. 

I raised the corner of my lips, considering what happened a few minutes ago. The girl was more attractive than I thought. 

‘We’ll see each other again ... Kitten.’

* * *

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