(Claire's POV)

I put my hand in the coat's pocket which I was wearing. The snow falling. My head looked up, enjoying the snowflakes that touched my face. My hand was outstretched, touching the pieces of ice that fell from the sky.

‘It’s beautiful....’

Don’t want to linger outside with the cold, bone-piercing air. I went back to walking while yawning a few times, withstanding the whacking drowsiness. My face must look terrible. My eye circumference looks blacker than usual.

We both didn’t sleep to look after Tiara. She was lying unconscious worries us. William has even asked the master for permission to prevent Tiara from being included in the assault mission -without the girl’s knowledge- because her condition is not improving.

I also agree with our leader. The doctor said that there was no problem or disease. However, the fact is that Tiara has been lying in a hospital bed for fifteen days. William lied, saying she only fainted for two days. We couldn’t do anything but pray for her to wake up quickly.

I saw a leather watch on my wrist. Twelve o’clock. I quickly sped up my pace. The road is quite quiet, only a few cars pass by. I have to stay alert, because I’m not a fighter like Tiara who can feel the aura of a vampire.


There was a scream from the alley which not far in front of me. I swear to myself. I clearly heard the screams  in the midnight. Furthermore, I stepped slowly, trying not to make a sound.

I’m afraid I can’t detour because I have to go through that narrow alley to get home. It was the only quickest route for me to get to base camp. I pulled out a black gun from behind the jacket, preparing for the worst-case scenario. My hazel iris widened to see a man in a black suit sucking her victim’s blood. The woman’s hand appears to pull firmly on the man’s clothes, while screaming weakly for help.

“What the—”

I almost screamed to see the office lady’s body turn dry. Looks more like a skull wrapped in skin. Then the man threw the woman’s body indiscriminately. Like a useless thrash. I shook my head slowly. Not. Vampires that I know don’t do this thing other than... Pure blood lineage.

“You want to keep peeking out, here?”

Shit! I quickly pointed my gun back. The man was suddenly standing in front of me. He just smiled thinly while glancing at the weapon in my hand.

“What is this? Is that the only ‘toy’ that you’re carrying?” he said dismissively.

Looks like he’s a noble vampire. I can’t possibly fight it alone. What am I supposed to do?!’

“Are you scared?”

“Scared of you? No.”

I’m trying to point a fist at him. Unfortunately, the man could evade my attack with ease. It’s only natural that compared to Tiara and William, my physical strength is far below them. A hard kick hit my stomach, causing my body to bounce a few feet and hit the wall behind me.


A deep red liquid was pouring out of my mouth. This asshole. The first time, I regret not practicing so often. The man looked at me as he walked closer. His red eyes lit up in the dark.



“Hey, are you guys weak like this? I didn’t expect it. If I were you, I’d be out of your fucking organization.”

My hands clenched strongly to hear the innuendo from this man’s mouth. He can underestimate me who can’t fight better. However, he should not insult our organization that I already consider being my family. I pulled over the hand of the man who was about to touch me.

I tried to get up and wipe the blood on my lips with my hands. “I’ll show you, if we’re not as weak as you think.”

My hand took a bow from behind my back. Then I pulled the bow rope. Three arrows came up from there. The white light envelops my arrows. I focused my eyes, directing the arrow to him.


I pointed those three arrows at the guy with the brunette hair. The arrows are streaking at lightning speed. The man tried to evade the air by doing a jump in the air. He avoided two arrows. However, another arrow scratched his right arm. I smiled contentedly to see him holding his arm while moaning a little in pain.

‘H-He’s not dead? Who’s he?’

I haven’t had time to launch another attack, the man in front of me just disappeared. My hazel eyes are staring around. I’m pretty sure that vampire is still around. Even if he’s a pure blood, it’s still going to be hard to survive the wounds of my gun.

“You looking for me, Ms. Archer?”

I looked up. The figure in the fancy suit stands on the balcony guardrail of one of the apartment buildings. He raises the angle of his lips to form a smirk. His hair was a little messy in the wind.

“We delay this fight. You will not die tonight, Miss Archer,” he said, winking at me.

He waved his arms before completely disappearing from there. My knees are limp. I fell, holding back the pain. I just realized who the vampire was. The famous second prince likes to play with many girls. Evan Kingsley. Despite his poor reputation for his habits, Evan is still a pure blood vampire. I’m actually a little relieved that guy let me go. Otherwise, of course, I’ve become his second dinner.

‘That womanizer.’


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