‘She didn’t realize she opened that gate. There’s no way back.’




“I have something to tell you,” William seemed to sigh before continuing, “I want to say... That I am—”

“What are you two doing?”

The man with the dark brown hair let go of his arms quickly. They turned towards Claire who was standing sculpted while staring at them with her eyes shocked. She is still trying to digest the situation of the two of them looking like cuddles. No, they did.

“Ah, so this is what you guys do when I’m not around. You’re really brave, Will.”

“Y-you misunderstood, okay!”

“Haha. Just keep going. I came back because I left my wallet,” the girl said, picking up a black purse on the couch.

“Did you meet someone earlier, Claire?” asked Tiara to the reddish-brown girl.

Claire seemed a little surprised wh
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