Chapter 3

I got to my apartment around 6:00PM.

Feeling cosy, I went into my bedroom got changed and entered the bathroom to have a warm shower, I tied my hair into a ponytail and wore a big sleeve shirt. I was about to get settled on the sofa when I heard a knock, I knew it would be no other than Annie cause she was the only friend I had.

"Ammy, how are you doing", she said and she dragged me into the house and sat me down on the sofa.

"So tell me every single damn thing that happened in work today and I hope we get good news from Mr. Hottie",she said, smiling.

"You are such a dumb ass", I said, tinkling her, which she kept yelling begging me to stop.

"Ok, my day was a hetic, there's this annoying receptionist there and I gave her a cup of tea", I said, rolling my eyes.

"Woah! Woah!! don't tell me you hit someone, cause you get burned up easily",she said, tugging behind me.

I couldn't help but laugh, and told her what happened in my boss office with the lady there and also the nice secretary also.

"Is there anything you are not hiding",Ammy said, staring at me.

"Ooh, yeah there's still more", I said, sheepishly.

"OMG, you are blushing",Ammy squealed, laughing.

"I'm not", I said, trying to make a face.

"So, will you let me continue", I asked her but she just kept smiling.

"Today, my boss called me into his office and I didn't see him in there,so I went in and my attention caught a lovely painting set on the wall".

I paused, looking at my friend who placed her two hands on her cheeks like some little kids curious to know the end of the story.

"Annie ,am listening ,continue!",she said, smiling.

"And the next thing I knew,he was behind me and my God, he was damn to close", I said, looking at my friend whose jaw has dropped.

Suddenly she screamed,"did you kiss? Tell me, did he kiss you",she said, giggling. 

I looked at her disgusted,"common Annie how will you think like that. No we didn't kiss", I said, throwing the seat pillow at her face.

"Mr. Hot gave $20,000 to get a dress and shoes,we will be travelling over to London this Friday for a business meeting", I said.

"A what",Ammie said, flabbergasted.

"And you sitting down here, where's your laptop we gonna buy a dress online and make you look hot",she said, like someone who got her favourite cookies.

"Na, I want a decent close, please", I said as I got up to go into kitchen."let me make you some chocolate muffins", I said to my friend who was already busy checking out clothes in my laptop.

I sighed and went into the kitchen as I started making the muffins.

"Annie please decent clothes", I reminded her again, I trust my bestie she just some kind of classy kind of lady.

"Yipeee!!,this is what am going for",she said shouting in sitting room as I rushed to see what she chose.

"My God , don't tell that's what you chose",i said staring at the laptop it was a spaghetti strap long gown which was splitted around the right thigh area.

"No! No! No way am going with that",i said, folding my arms."How much is it?",I asked, looking at my friend.

"Just $11,989.34",my friend said, looking at me.

" Ammy are you crazy?, No am not buying it", I said, trying to keep a face.

" But have already clicked on the buy button before you got here",she said, smiling mischievously.

My mouth went wide as I looked at Ammy and the screen next."okay fine", I said, fuming."so what next", I said looking at her.

"We gonna buy you a shoe,but you are not the fan of high ones,so I'll choose a low one for you",she said, focusing on the screen.

"Here you go", she said, turning the laptop to me. It was a nude low heel.

"It's great ", I said as I asked her the price.

"Just $4500",she said ,looking at me.

"You can have the remaining amount of money", I said as I stood up to go into the kitchen.

"Awwwwwwnnn, thank you sweetie,you are the best girl ever",she said, loudly.

"Ya welcome", I replied her in the kitchen.

We ate the chocolate muffins and watched some movies together.

It was 9:30PM and she was about to leave.

"Give me a call as soon as you get home, sweetie", I said, as I pulled her in for a hug.

"Yes momma", she muttered and left.

Now, only me left, I got in and went into my bedroom to check some emails on my phone. Then I saw an unknown message. 

Unknown; Hello beautiful

Ammy; hello

Immediately a message popped in.

Unknown; how are you doing

I was curious to know who was this, and how the person got my number.

Ammy; please, who are you and how did you get my number.


Unknown; your boss.

I nearly choked when I saw the last message, thinking of whether to reply him.

Ammy;oh!,ok sir.

Thinking that would be the end of conversation, till another message popped in.

Unknown; what are you wearing tonight and please can you show me.

My eyes nearly got out of its socket when I saw the message.

I decided not to reply him and switched of my phone and went to sleep.


I woke up the next day feeling refreshed,after setting my alarm off.

I sluggishly stood up and went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth and had a warm bath and applied my hair treatments to make it a little straight.

I went into my bedroom and decided to wear trouser suit and bonded my hair into a ponytail style, I didn't apply makeup cause I don't fancy it much, I rather be natural than appearing fake outside and wore a pair of low black heels .

I went into my kitchen and prepared a quick breakfast, which was just fried eggs and bread and drank a glass of milk, i checked the time it was already past six. I had to be out on time cause of my hired taxi driver,i took my bag and went out locking my apartment.

I walked quickly to where my taxi driver will be picking me.

"Good morning,miss", my cabman greeted me.

"Good morning", I said, as I got in. No need of telling him where am going to.

He dropped me and winked at me,"have a nice day miss".

"Thank you", I said.

I got into the large building. 

"Good morning", I greeted the receptionist.

"Good morning", she said as she was focused on the computer without looking at me.

I smiled to myself, she has finally gotten her place I thought in my mind.

I signed and went straight to the elevator and to the first floor as usual.

"Good morning Mrs. Wood", I greeted,as she was reading some documents on her table.

"Good morning, darling and please call me Sarah, I feel as if am old with that Mrs. Of a thing", She said, smiling at me.

I nodded and went into my office.

I placed my bag on the table and settled on my seat, after checking the time,it was 7:15. I got up and made my way to the third floor to get my boss coffee, which I did on time and returned back to the first floor.

Now, standing in front of my boss office I knocked the door and waited for a response since I didn't get any, I opened the door quietly and peeped cause I didn't want to encounter what happened the day before but no one was inside. 

So I walked in and place the coffee on the table and noticed another little painting on the table,"is this man obsessed with painting just as I am", I thought,to myself.

As I was trying to look closely at the picture, I felt a hand circle my waist and the cologne smell,hit hard through my nostrils. I jerked up," what the hell!", I said as I turned quickly and it was no other than my boss, staring at me.

"Good morning, Amanda", he said, smirking.

"Go-good morning, sir", I stammered.

He drew closer to me his hands still on my waist.

I was to shocked to say anything.

Our body was to close and I could feel his breath on me , all I had on mind was to give the spoilt bastard a slap.

"Surprised, uhn", he said, as he smirked.

"You damn so beautiful", he whispered into my ears as he bit me a little and his hands started moving up and down my waist.

I got out of rage and pushed him away from me,"sir, you are my boss and I won't tolerate this from you, am not like some bitch who does this", I blurted out, looking at him fiercely knowing fully well that if I continue talking, I might say what am not supposed to and I just got this job.

"It's okay, I didn't mean anything",he said, the expression on his Face, i couldn't tell.

"Why didn't you answer my message, yesternight", he asked, smirking.

I just stared at him not knowing what to say.

"You may leave", he said. And i got out immediately.

"Look like someone just kicked your favourite puppy". Mrs. Wood said , looking worried at me.

"Is that how he does to every lady that comes his way", I spatted out.

Mrs. Wood smiled looking at me,"you will get to know him better", she said.

"Not me", I said, furiously, and went into my office.

I started my work and prepared different schedule meetings.

Time went by, around 2:30PM and it was time for lunch. So I stood up and picked up my purse and was going through the car park , when someone halted me. 

"Come in", said Drake, he was in his limo black car. I guessed it was his driver wearing a dark suit and glasses.

"No, thank you', I said, walking faster.

As i was about to get into the EXIT.

I felt someone lifting me up and throwing me over his shoulder.

"Let go of me", I yelled, as I kept giving punches at his back.

Until I felt my foot on ground and my back hit hard against the car.

"Drake, you have no Idea what you are doing", I said, oops!!,did I just called my boss his name.

"I really do know what am doing, am your boss and you listen to me", he blurted out as he stared into my eyes and he drew closer to me as I felt his torso, I tried struggling but I couldn't as I was trapped there.

He moved away from me and got into the car.

I stood there breathing heavily, all I wanted to do was to hit him in the face.

"Get in", he said, this time his voice authorative.

I rolled my eyes and got in. And as if the driver got his last bet he drove off.

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