Chapter 11

"hmmm!!", Annie said as she rolled on me.

"Annie!!", I groaned as I woke up.

I pushed her away slightly and she giggled.

"Good morning", she said as she jumped up from the bed.

"Morning", I said still feeling sleepy as I rubbed my eyes.

" Get up, lazy cat", she said as she threw the pillow at me.

"Hey!!", I said as I grabbed the pillow.

I sat on my bed and stretched lazily. I stood up and went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth.

Annie was already preparing breakfast.

I found my way to the kitchen and drank a cup of water.

"I will be leaving this morning", Annie said facing me.

"Oh! Okay", I said not wanting her to go.

We ate some bacons and fried eggs.

We talked and joked about some funny stuffs.

It was now time for her to leave.

"Good bye

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Holly Santiago
Hope it's not the phyco.
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Heather Rock
I hope it’s not Austin

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