Chapter 14

I woke up early and got into the bathroom. I felt relaxed as the warm water soothe on my skin. I washed my hair and did my treatments to it.

I stepped out of the bathroom and  started dressing. I wore a cream suite trouser with red camisole.

I brushed my hair and tied it to a ponytail, then I added some lip gloss on my lips.

Satisfied with my looks, I went into the kitchen and prepared breakfast. I ate slowly as I remembered how Drake was angry when Mrs. Wood made mention of the Castle company.

I checked my time it was 6:45A.M.

I hurried up quickly and grabbed my bag, as I ran towards the entrance. I locked my door and set off to work.

I arrived to work by 7:15 A.M.

I entered to the building and went straight to Michelle to sign in the time book.

"Good morning, Amanda", she greeted smiling at me.

It was so unlike of her.

"Good morning", I said

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Hina Simpson
please make Amanda kicks some asses... she got that mouth hopefully she can fight. can't wait to read what happen. yeahhh.
goodnovel comment avatar
Rockeeba Moore
Oh boi Frist Amanda has trouble now Drake got trouble,this book is going to be just as good as her other books I have read. It’s beginning to get extra good

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