Chapter 15

I went back into my office and started checking out important schedules.

I have been sitting there so long that I didn't notice when Drake came into my office.

I was still engrossed in what I was doing, until I heard someone drumming on my table.

"Tah! Dah!!", He squealed.

I jerked in my sit and looked like I saw a ghost.

*How did you get in", I said shockingly as I looked at his childish act.

"Through the door",he said smirking looking at me as if there were other ways to get in.

"I see your busy, that you missed lunch",he said as he moved closer to where I was and tugged my hair bedside my neck.

"Oh!!!", I looked at my time, it was already 3:30P.M.

Before I could say something, Drake pulled me up from seat and led me to the door.

"Let's get you lunch" he said with concern.

"But I haven't finished

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